Thanks to my bestfriend, Cido , who has been very generous on introducing blogspot to me. Blogging is a hard task for me. Yes, I have my own primbon (my disclose diary), I love to write and read other people's blog. But the problem on blogging for me is the kata-ganti-orang-pertama in Bahasa Indonesia. I've tried the word 'saya' but it ended like sok-tau, and then I tried 'aku' since in reality I almost always use that word but my entry looks like 'manja punyak' afterwards, I tried 'gue' aahh.. dont like it.

Sometimes it is easier to write in English cos the only option is 'I' or 'Me' but then again, my Common Law Reasoning and Writing professor told me that my English is weak. Alas.

So, I guess I will eliminate the use of kata-ganti-orang-pertama or try to write on stronger English?

Whatever it is.. Feel free to come.. Welcome.. welcome


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