Eye Candying

• Nova check PVC.• Black patent leather trim.• Silver-tone hardware.• Shoulder straps with rings.• Black canvas lining. • 13 3/4"H X 13"W X 6"D.• Made in Italy.

Im pretty sure it looks very classy and sophisticated with white shirt, black pencil skirt, red shoes and a little bit of brain.

Anyone interested to buy me one? as an LLM gift pleaaaseee....

Pic taken from Neiman Marcus

My Ms. Moneypenny

If James Bond has his own Moneypenny, so do I..
But of course this Moneypenny would never has sexual intention to me hahaha!
She became my Moneypenny since I was soo little.
She told me not to give the other kids chocolate because she knew they were just ngelecein me.
She made my jadwal pelajaran and post it at my study table.
She called my friends in the morning to ask whether there is any homework or not for me to do that day.
She is the one who can make the most authentic false signature.
She also has the best solution when I broke my giok bangle (haha!) by applying UHU glue plus asked me to record my voice in a tape so that our mom would know that I broke it. Sungguh bertanggung jawab!
Yesterday, my Moneypenny (like always) gave another best shot for me by scanning and sending me the certificates and other administrative things that I need.
I love my Moneypenny!
Who is gonna give birth soon!

One Fine Day

Woke up at Ritz Carlton.
Went to 'the shop that never held sale' with pajama and jeans for administrative stuff.
Went to the future office for another administrative stuff.

I love it!


*) The Goddess of Gadget who happens to be my best friend.

Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia

In the midst of my attempt to start writing my paper, my bestfriend from college buzzed me. Talked and talked shits we ended to discuss our almamater. Suddenly, I felt the warmth inside me. How I missed those time. The time when sun can shine like whatever it wishes. The time when time has no meaning at all. The time when tour de UI is a hip tour during the class break.
I was lucky (or not) to be there for 4.5 years.. I always call it as a little piece of heaven. Literally, can u name one campus in Jakarta with forrest, river and also sawah? Come to mine! You'll see those.
But I regret I had not done so much there. Blame it to the stupid college love life. I only went to the UI mosque, once. I only went to the Central Library twice, first was the Ospek/Mabim time and last when I had to submit my thesis. I never ride the yellow UI bus. And.. umh.. what else did I miss?
  1. Took pictures on the forrest--> checked
  2. Took pictures on the UI-wood-->checked
  3. Had picnic in front of the famous danau UI--> checked
  4. Memancing at the river (or at least tried to)-->checked
  5. Stayed in Kutek (Kukusan Teknik, rumours said there are alot of pocong there*)--> checked
  6. Stayed at Barel (Balik Rel)--> checked
  7. Ngamen for campus event--> checked
  8. Played card for like 12 hours a day at the canteen? --> checked
  9. Gossipping and being gossiped--> checked
  10. Jogged around UI--> checked
  11. Sepatu copot di tengah melenggang di panggung wisuda --> checked
  12. Yelled and being yelled in front of people to/by one of my (former) bestfriends--> checked
  13. Drove my kopsus car with Yani as my navigator singing Maroon5 songs --> checked
  14. Skipped classes to have haircut at Cikajang --> checked
  15. Set my hair, manicured my nails and dressed up for the "Law of the Sea" class** --> checked
  16. Smoked here, smoked there --> checked
  17. Vodka-ed here, Vodka-ed there--> checked
  18. Kissed here, kissed there--> checked
oh nooo I cannot continue this list... it's too breath taking..
The above picture is me with the yellow jackets with one of my professors, Gouw Giok Siong. I love his books.. alot! I love his diction. From 'dispute starts from the title's page', 'dua orang negro berkelahi di terowongan yang gelap', 'spelbrekker', until 'anjing siberus'.. Aaandd... I am still very proud that he once asked me to come to his law office and I almost got bitten by his dogs. :D
oh well.. sorry if u take this entry as too almamater narcisistic.
*) the reality was.. the Ibu Kos of my bestfriend, Sari, was soooo galak and I had to hide otherwise I would be thrown away from her room
**) because the dosen was sooo ganteng, chubby and berbulu.. hairy big mac ahahhaha

Bapak Yoyok and My Paper

My template answer on every interview on my entire life:

Interviewer: "So, tell me about urself!"
Me: "Okay, I come from a legal-background-family. Both my parents are blabala, my bro is a blablabal, and my sister is (my favorite explanation) a legal drafter on State Cabinet Secretariat and also an upcoming public notary. Not only my siblings, my inlaws are also have legal background.. blabalbala. But that background is not the reason why I choose law as my area of interest (blah!) because we do not talk about work at home and furthermore, they never force me to choose the same area. The reason why Im interested to law is because I found law is more like a game for me (balbaablabal another favorite self-description)."

You know what? It's all template!

Until today, reality bangs (aaass alwaayyss babyy... aaass alwaayyss..) I need to do some land law paper. Clueless, hopeless, brainless, I buzzed one of my inlaws. Asked about some land laws thingies and thanks to good internet and emotional connections between SG-Ina and Me-Bapak Yoyok*... I think I have the whole paper in my mind now! :D

Well, everything shall starts by imaginary thoughts.

*)Bapak Yoyok is Maica's father

Gundah Gulana

Can think nothing, can write nothing, can read nothing.

In addition to that, while I was trying to start my work, my mom asked me, "iku sinau opo dolanan?" which means "what r u doing? r u studying or just playing?"

Oh.. my dear momma.. how long have we been known each other? more than 25 years I suppose.. why oh why are u still doing that to me? you know I will never accept those words. you know what i'll be doing after ur words rite...? i'll take a shower and just go without touching any of those stupid books. Oh mommy... I dont wanna do that! I only have 3 weeks to go.

Please.. erase those words from my memory oh my dear grey cells. I hate it and she should have been known that. :( I need to write some words on those 8000 word limit papers!

2 Mondays

Just opened the following email from my professor:

Hello: Our last class will be 2 Mondays from now. My usual practice is to invite volunteers (2) to facilitate the last class. Instead of writing a Response Paper, you'd facilitate the discussion by drawing together the diverse critiques your classmates have written. You'd be assessed on your facilitation of the discussion.

Best, A Loke

So... this whole thing will be finished within 2 Mondays? 2 weeks?

The Parties Are Over

Pestanya Bubaaarrrrr...

My parties are all over..

After enjoying 5-days-in-a-row party with my boyfriend, and shopping party with my mother(s), today I faced the reality that my last party, the Maroon 5 concert, has already ended.

The parties are ended. Now, I need to sweep and scrub the floor, wash the dishes, put the curtains into washing machine, arrange the cushions back and put things back to their places.

I shall start those activities tomorrow, otherwise, I won't have any other parties.

Auntie asked me to have another party on 25 of March, holiday to Vietnam. Im sorry Auntie, I cannot join u coz I really need to put those things back. I know u are aware that I must prepare for the next party, which will be held on the 19th OF APRIL instead of the 3rd OF MAY!!

Elevator CCTV

Another PDA! Not really public... just a little show on CCTV

Pejantan Tangguh

Do you know why I love my BF very much?
Because he is "tangguh"

Oh well... speaking about tangguh.. coincidently, the words "pejantan tangguh" was our ice-breaker around these days 2 years ago. So, he was here, Singapore, and I was there, H.R Rasuna Said. Thanks to MSN messenger. After two days of MSN-ing, he finished his work here and planned to go back to Jakarta. He seemed to love a song from Sheila on 7, Pejantan Tangguh. He was a bit norax by saying "nit lo suka ga lagu pejantan tangguh" haiyaaaa norak bener dah... So I sometimes teased him as pejantan tangguh.

Getting Through To Her: Puspita, besok gua balik nih
puspita_hs: oh ya? asik dong.. jam berapa?
Getting Through To Her: Pesawat paling pagi nih
puspita_hs: oo.. ok.. bangun pagi dong ya?
Getting Through To Her: iya nih.. bangunin dong
puspita_hs: hah? katanya pejantan tangguh...? :p
Getting Through To Her: hahhaha.. pejantan tangguh juga mao lah nit sekali sekali dibangunin*

Okay baby.. thats it! I had not seen u back then... but... you got me at that line!

So, the next day.. of course I did not wake him up. Oh no way baby!

A few weeks ago, I experienced another ketangguhan of him when I nagged "miiill here is blabla and there is blabal" on sms. He replied "ok kepik.. blablabla aja dulu nanti aku blablabal". And I nagged "hah? nag nag nag". He said "hahaha ok kepik kamu blablabla aja". And I hyperventilated.

*)now my MSN status


I couldn't help but notice.. really baby.. :D

Lagi Dong Game

A little bit of PDA, this vid was taken at a bus station.

Perfect Combination

Trapped in a conversation with one state attorney, his wife and one litigator. The latter is my father. The others are his colleagues. The topic was Morality Crisis in Indonesia.

Im quite sure that I was in heaven back then, when all bad people had already been thrown to hell.

Morality Crisis, Bribery, State Attorney, Fake eyelashes Wife* with oh-so-big diamond ring and a Litigator. Perfect combination.

*)she said "Mbak.. if Om wants to ask for money, I would have 4 Jaguars on my garage you know? Black, Red, Blue and Yellow..." Holy crap!

Quote of the Day

"bentar ya.. aku beberes tas bentar"
Santa Claus is Coming to Town!
My Santa will come tomorrow after he finish his work.
(How I envy him alot that his office hour is until 4 o'clock)
La.. la.. la.. la
Just saw him with his backpack and another bag (full of my titipan) on webcam.


The first conversion I made at my first step to little india was 1 USD equals to 1.51.
The last conversion I made yesterday at Lucky Plaza was 1 USD equals to 1.37.
Why oh why I converted my IDR to USD before my arrival here?
Thanks to my American Consultant..
Tanggung jawab kamuh!!!


Shit happens.
Everybody knows that honey.
But if those shits happen like.. alwaaayss..
may be you should consider this:


don't blame it to them.
and.. hey.. maybe they are trying to wake u up!

Big Brekkie

My breakfast today:
2 slices of bread with kaya and margarine
another 2 slices with margarine, tuna and cheese spread
4 pieces of cold durian
1 bowl of tom yam soup

and my weight is still.. 44 :(

Games People Play

Maica kebauan!

Duduk Manis

Aku disini.. duduk manis menantimu

How to Make Oat Great

If you have young children but have no time to feed them in the morning.. (hey sis)
Maybe you should try this...

You will need:
2 cup of plain water
4 scoops of oat
2 cubes of rock sugar
condensed milk at your preference quantity
1 egg

You need to:
1. Boil the water (come on sis.. u can do it!!!!)
2. put the oat
3. rock sugar and
4. milk
5. wait until they boil
6. break the egg and put inside
7. stir
8. put into the little monsters' mugs
9. wait until luke warm
10. feed them!

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Le Princess Made Me Happy

I am soooooooooo happy today!
I dont mind walking through the rain and waiting for five hours with wet slippers in the hospital!
Me and le princess went to see her diabetic doctor today.
Took some blood test and retina picture (?)
and the doctor said..

"if you did not tell me that she has diabetes for four years, I won't know about that. She's normal and she has no problem at all wiht her eyes. Just go back to Jakarta to continue with her eye doctor. She's great!"

And when I approached him with form v-57 (immigration form for people who wants to extend his/her social visit pass for seeking medical treatment) he grinned and signed! My heart menceloss... First, she's healthy and second, le princess got another two months stay in Singapore!! Awesome!!

The History of Me Falling in Love

My first kiss was on my school, kindergarten. In a French way.
Afterwards, I fell and fell in love with lots of guys.

There is this misterious guy which is (i think) my trully first love. I still remember his face and the way we met. It was on our way from Bali-Jakarta at the plane and also the DAMRI ride to Blok M station. I predict, his age was 28 and mine was errr... 4 or 5... He smiled at me everytime I looked at him.. like the whooolee journey. He has belah tengah hair style, a little bit gondrong2 dikit, a little bit sipit sipit dikit, and a little bit kuning kuning dikit.. hoaa! But of course, I have to experience my first broken heart since we didnt see each other afterwards. :(

Back to my elementary school, I always fell to: the basket player, the Ketua Kelas, the naughtiest boy in class, the veteran, the first boy that had circimcission in class (ohh my..). I have 2 boyfriends during those times. And I also had the chance of experiencing my first (oh my god im older than my age back then) Long Distance Relationship because this boyfriend had to move to Balikpapan, and he talked to his bestfriend to "jagain nita ya". And like the cliche love story, my next boyfriend was his bestfriend. The rebellious guy who love to put mirror in his shoes to ngintip the color of all girls undies. How hideous! My bestfriend had her first kiss on those years in Taman Mini while our study trip :( not so romantic.

The next stage is my Junior High School. Whoa! This is the first time I got "dicomblangin" by a friend who was actually liked this guy. I dont like him, he looked like cucumber, but oh well he's the head of the class. That was when I was on the first grade. It lasted for 2 days. Not bad. At the end of my first grade, I got another new boyfriend, he's a senior with rebellious appearance. I was deeeeeply in love with him, but later on I found out that he still had something with his ex girlfriend, another senior, and I ended to become her bestfriend. Drama oh Drama..

At my second year, I was an active and proud "suling player" that makes me had to interact with people outside of my school. There, I fell in love with:

  1. The conductor, 40 y.o and very handsome;

  2. His son, Pangudi Luhur student;

  3. The guitarist, 27 y.o gondrong mampus, loved to wear rings, lots of them.

Only number 2 and 3 called me quite often.

I dont have any boyfriend at my third year. Just some crushes. My favorits are the foreigner techer at ILP, Jay and Yusaf and other gondrong dekil guys and of course.. older than me.

High school treated me badly. Oh not really. The first week I stepped my High School, I had my senior "nembak"me with tamagochi. That was my first love gift. But, I dont like him. He looked like an egg and I think he was too spoiled.

At that time, I was an active Paskibra and LDK. I got a boyfriend from Paskibra. He drove! It was a starlet. Oh wow! :( But my huge crush, senior from Paskibra, never talked to me :( another broken heart.

At the second and third grade, I got my first real boyfriend!! Yesss!!!! The IKJ guy with long permed hair! A ha! He used to be the vocalist of a quite famous band (of course, under the High School perspective). Oh, almost forget, before him I also had another boyfriend, another senior from Paduan Suara, who loved to tweezed his eyebrow and drove Honda Genio. Haha how shallow I was. :(

And then, the college time until today. Im not gonna post about them here. It's not as funny or cute or stupid as the first ones.

Hoa.. I still remember my first love face. I wonder where he is now..

I Think Im a PARANOIDDD!!!

Do you remember my story about fortune telling?

Oh shit!
He said that me and my mom will have a big fight within mid March and I will get sick on the same time.
Me and my mom had a big fight yesterday,
and my body started to feel unwell :(

Oh shit...!
Hope the other stuff he said won't come true

Cut Long Story Short

I spent 10 hours at the Hospital. Kacruttt!!!! I have deadline today which means I only got 2 hours left and I have no idea about it!

This is like the longest 2 months I have ever had.

To make it looks a little bit shorter, I always see my calendar and followed by taking a deep breath. Whooosahhh... Just wanna share it with u

10 March--> Mbak Ninit b'day
10 March --> Mommy's General Check Up appointment
10 March --> Indian Business Law presentation
10 March --> Discuss the Trade Law outline with le professor
11 March --> Mommy's appointment with her Diabetic doctor
11 March --> Mbak Bebi's farewell
12 March --> Go to Bugis for Acid's plan
19 March --> Tami is supposed to be here
20 March --> Me and tami are supposed to have fun
21 March --> to celebrate easter
22 March --> or do some cullinary journeys
23 March --> setahun sebelas bulan (oh yea I am abg)
23 March --> Tami pulang, me sad
24 March --> dua tahun ketemu pertama (and yea a bit romantic and into detail)
25 March --> Maroon 5 Concert
17 April --> Trade Law paper deadline
17 April --> Land Law and Development paper deadline
19-25 April --> Reading Week
29 April --> Indian Business Law Exam
30 April-5 May --> I need some body and soul refreshment
6 May --> Asta Lavista Singapura!


When you:

  1. are being visited by someone you don't expect;
  2. and he's sick and needs ur attention;
  3. and u have 3 presentations;
  4. without knowing any of them in depth;
  5. and u have already spent 9 hours at the library;
  6. and u are tired as hell;
  7. you think you need to relax;
  8. and try to joke with your significant other;
  9. but he refuse to do so;

then u r doomed.

She [is gonna have] Bangs

Since my hair becomes more and more curly everyday so that my friend calls me "Rambonita", Im thinking to get a new bangs. I dont know whether its gonna be a good idea or not because bangs is always associated with zits. But I think Im gonna take the risk.. It's kinda depressing when you examine your pics and find out that first, you look like Rambo and second, u look older than before.. (even though u r 25 y.o and still have to be interogated before entering casinos).

My boyfriend never allows me to have bangs. I think he saw some bad precedents before, and mine can only add the precedents.

My sister also disagree with this bangs idea since technically, your chin would not breath freely and oils will clog them and ta ra.. welcome to the zits city!

Im taking my chance, because this might be the last chance for me to have stupid bangs before le commencement day. I guess I will wait for my BF to come and ask him to do the first cut!

Ikan Bilis

Ikan Bilis Sesame Oil

Another anti-MSG campaign here!!

What U need:
  1. Ikan Teri Medan;
  2. Cabe;
  3. Sesame Oil/Minyak Wijen;
  4. Jeruk Nipis;
  5. Luck.

What U need to do:

  1. Soak the ikan bilis for a while.. (how long? i dont know. this is where the 'luck' plays salient role heauheu);
  2. Put the bilis in a plate and put the sesame oil on it (how much? i dont know. just use your feeling);
  3. Put them into rice cooker;
  4. Cut the chilli padi and kecerin the jeruk nipis;
  5. Good Luck!!!

It's easssyy to be an everyyy dayyyy...! Even my sister can make it (supposedly.. rr oh well.. let's pray for her)!!

Tak Tahan Lagi

boleh yah boleh yah boleh yaaaaahhhh :D

Penganten Cina

Mamah: Dek.. kalo besar mau jadi apa?
5 y.o Nita: Mau jadi penganten!


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