Don't Steal My Future Baby Name!

I found it! I found it!

My future baby's name.
It's been changing for like errr.. thousands time since I was 10 y.o.
Won't tell u the name cos I know u're so gonna steal it! hihihih

Some Updates

It's Jumat already. Huhuhu. Everything went well and sentimental. I had free lunches and dinners all the week. Aren't they sweet? My boss even took me and my mom for a fancy dinner and a hella long chat.

It's a good thing that my mother is here. She helps me on getting through my pagi-pagi menerawang as the main result of a sweet resignation.

5:27 a.m. Facebook is boring, friendster is even worse and I need to keep my eyes open to catch my flatmate and ask her to do this cessie thing after pagi pagi nagih utang.

Oh, by the way I met the 2009 NUS Indonesia grad students this evening. I regret that I did mine last year. Oh what the hell!

Resigning = :(

I never thought resigning would be this hurt. :(

Singapore's James Bond to Me

For my dear friend the highly talented, very very humble, gracious, articulate, affable, impeccable, very adorable, highly respectable and wonderful
who with her virtue is certainly GOD's very precious gift to her country INDONESIA, our beautiful and world respected country, SINGAPORE, to HUMANITY, the legal profession and all close and dear to her. I wish you the very best of luck, health, happiness and prosperity forever and SALUTE you for your virtues

11th September 2008

gombalan dari seseorang yang kehidupannya dituangkan dalam otobiografi sebagaiii.. Singapore's James Bond ... Hahhahahaha... Detektif boookkkk.. Dunia sudah gila!

Mengejar Mas Mas

Just got back from a business function. Exhausted.
My firm asked me to join this so-called-socialite organisation. (I met Pribadi family hahaha).

It was held in a prestigious club house, there were only 20 people attending, good sofas, great ambience, good choice of music, good food & everybody talked in low-voices.

The attendees are business person which also includes young enterpreneurs. Most of them are men, with suit, beard, gym-body or premium jeans (tumbelina will be curious on this) and shirts.

Frankly speaking, a great place, a really great place to find a prospective BF/Fiancee/Husband. They run their own companies. That's a good deal :) As long as you dont mind standing there, pretend to be smart and listen to their jokes (which involves the difference between Harvard and MIT) with flirty gesture, it wont be a hard task.

Interesting social life.

But, to be frank I'd rather going back home and mengejar mas mas. Ya nggak Mas Tumbe?

My Deepest Condolences

Yesterday, Bu Hartini a.k.a Bu Pompom passed away. She was my math teacher during my first year of high school. A very sweet one.

Terimakasih Bu Pompom, semoga Ibu diterima di sisi-Nya..

Today, Gouw Giok Siong alias Sudargo Gautama passed away. He, is doktor (with capital D and capital R) di usia 20-an dan laki laki cina yang membela negara melalui jalur hukum(through Tembakau Bremen case).

Orang yang sedemikian disegani, baik dalam hal kuliah, pengajuan judul skripsi, ujian skripsi.. hingga... penulisan referensi untuk melanjutkan studi ke jenjang berikutnya.

His books are genius I must say. I even had his books as my toilet reading since I was SMP (tentunya pinjem punya moneypenny).

Rest in Peace Prof Go..

Pro Bono

Imil2an hari ini:
Me: Aku nanti malem pro bono sampe jam 9.30 ya.
Him: Ok, aku pro bono jam 3.00 ya

Pamer doi bisa balik jam 3 selama bulan puasa :(

So, I went to the pro bono clinic. Kutebus segala kebejatankuhhh. Disaat teman2 melakukan volunteering di LBH Jakarta dan diri ini lebih memilih bermain capsa dan mabuk2an.

Kuterabas hujan lebat di Singapura demi tujuan mulia membantu community menegakkan hukum. hahahaahha

I enjoyed it so much as I feel like playing doctors. I mean, I sat there inside the room, waited for the clients to come. Listened to their story, nodded, took note, talked and wrote the so-called-prescription.

I enjoy playing doctor as I enjoy seeing the snob girlfriend, the shaking hard worker auntie, the traitors, the landlord and all of the dramas behind.


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