Nyuwun sewu..
Pamit dulu ya...
Pulang duluuu..
dan menikmati masa muda penuh gelora!

Ngeeennngggg.... (sambil sok kul)

Sampai jumpa! Mohon didoaken segala ujian2nya baik akademis maupun kehidupan. halah. another drama!


Ternyata susye juga mau jadi anak gede :(
Susye jek susye!

Anyway, today will be my last day here. And starting from tomorrow, I will be back! Back to reality where the so-called-adultness is waiting. Yikes! Me wanna puke!

Really, I hate it! If you think im just a spoiled little brat, please have a 2 days sit-in in my place.


I have:
  1. returned my campus mailbox key; and
  2. measured my big head for the commencement gown set.


No, I Dont Need To

I am happy that I dont even need to comb my hair properly (or put off the blue shower hair-band) to have a proper Japanese dinner with you.or dab concealer on my cheeks..

(and you must be very happy that I dont mind your big hair baby)

Kangen Kalian...

PT Strawberry Brand Acquisition
U guys know me too well
We Are Family

To Smile and Have Fun!
With Uncle Jamal..
Happy Uncle Jamal!

LGS moments..
The Big Bosses' Birthday Parties..
The Boss' Christmas Party..
The time-sheet-email-reminders..
The Garage Sale..
The Ambasador Shopping Sprees..
The Arisans..
The Pathetic..
The New Beginning..
The Late Night Chats..
The Quality Times

happy or not?

This pelit lady was happy. She loosen things up and did some shopping spree.

That generous gentleman is not happy. His role model has to be hospitalized.

This pelit lady really wanna sit beside that generous gentleman and rub his back at the hospital.

Therefore, this pelit lady is no longer happy now.

not an ambitious me

One is down! five thousand something words and im not an ambitious who wants to hit the upper limit seven thousand and five hundred! another is yet to down. three thousand and nine hundred ninty-one words. blah! me so sick of counting the words, me prefer to counting the days.

what to do today? i have no idea. me so bored. i think im gonna go to malaysia for a while, or just go to haji lane to hunt some vintage dresses?

the bad thing of being a student is to have student budget. yes. i think im gonna hit haji lane.

Doa Restu

Mohon doa restunya.. malam ini tidur sendiri!

Paper Word Status: I 3991 II 4657 yesss!!

Shopping Bag

Being a good girl, I took shower earlier, washed my hair, had breakfast, took a sip of caffeine, drank some soup and started to study.

Bored of studying, I browsed some sites. And found this site, where it shows those events of the so-called-fashionista with pictures on it. One of them was held in a mall. I do enjoy looking at those pics until I realized something.

Is it a trend or what?

Attending a fashion event and toting a.... SHOPPING BAG! Of course, with the luxurious brand screaming. I mean.. technically speaking, is it a practical way to shop before attending the event? Is it practical to stand, sip some glasses of complimentary wine (on the right hand), tote your bag (on the left hand).. and tote this SHOPPING BAG(on the the same hand)? Or.. perhaps she was just too busy and did not have the time to shop in that luxurious boutique. Yes that must be the reason! (But somehow, I never found someone proudly toting shopping bags from carrefour, giant, hero or even metro and sogo)

Otherwise, welcome to the mediocrity! She just want to show up to her peers that she just bought a 5-times-of- one-sallary bag. Congratulations!

Paper Word Status: I 3991 and II 2558 :(

You Don't Have the Reason and I Don't Have the Time

Im sorry if u r in Indonesia and cannot access this youtube video.*

It's a Maroon5 and mind the sexiness of Adam Levine, I just hope that u get the message!

Here is a part of the lyrics that might be interesting, of course with several amendments.. :)

"U still don't have the reason
And I don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you"

*) Hello Pak Nuh.. (Menkominfo) How are u? Is 'Fitna'okay?

What? What? What Have I Done?

Excessive downloading detected

-----deleted by the author. Sebel ah tiap pagi di cek kampus! Stalkerrrr!!!-----

What have I done? I just downloaded 3 articles from LexisNexis that perhaps I won't read at all. :(

I mean it... I dont have the intention to violate Singapore Copyright Law!


Violation of the Copyright Act is an offence in Singapore and the use of N*S facilities for illegal copying is a violation of N*S rules and regulations. The University takes a serious view of copyright infringement. Anyone found violating the Copyright Act may face disciplinary action.

Bail me from Jail please!!! It ryhmes and it's drama. Me likey!

Lesson of the Day

So here I am, at the last class of this school zone.

There is something interesting today with my professor, a lady with her 'it' bags to tote, partner of a big local law firm here, rajah and tan. Sat on the table, in front of the class and loudly said: "Mr. blablabalbal, minister of trade in India, which is known as the sexiest man on earth balbalablabla..". Afterwards, she blithely showed us that sexiest man on earth's picture. There, the whole class could see this bald, fat Indian guy grinned.

Hahaha... I got my lesson, in every tough woman lies a little girl inside.

Mmmmm.. excuse me Professor, according to me, the sexiest man on earth is this bald, tanned, tattoed eye brow Indonesian guy. I wish I could link his profile here and not loosing my job!

Paper Word Status: I: 3991 trully a procrastinator and II: 1085.


I decided to do my first Face of the Day.
Oh.. I love make up so much! I would spend 100% of my allowance for this.
(can u feel the tone of my voice?)
This is my BF's FOTD:

and.. this is mine!


(thanks to have a try!)

I Want Candies

I wanna have this hair-cut.
this polaroid camera.

this hair-dryer. (look at the preman pic below)

plus this epilator.



Pak ci pak pak preman preman
pak ci pak pak metropolitan

Dari lorong-lorong yang sempit
Dalam kehidupan malam selalu siaga
Setiap saat selalu sigap terjang bahaya
Siapapun dihadapinya

Sini preman, sana preman
Sedang beraksi
Wajah dingin dan seram siap menerkam
Jangan kau coba kawan cari perkara

Sejurus berarti petaka
Di zaman resesi dunia
Pekerjaan sangat sukar juga pendidikan
Di sudut-sudut jalanan banyak pengangguran

Jadi preman tuk cari makan
Dibalik wajah yang seram
Tersimpan damba kedamaian
Dibalik hidup urakan

Mendambakan kebahagiaan
Bahagia... bahagia... bahagia...

(Preman by Ikang Fawzi)

Library on Saturday Morning. Sigh...! That explains! Gowes dikit.. BACOOOKKK!!!

Paper Word Status: 3991 procrastinate procrastinate!

Little Maicha's Little Support

Unless its a force majeure event, I would never ever sleep alone. I always ask people to accompany me, be it make my sister mad at me, my mother ngantuk2 nepuk2 (hihihi) or my mbak2 kedinginan tidur dibawah.

But I can see some improvements. I slept alone at this hotel at Lampung! (yaiy! me so proud!) even though I stayed until very late at Didi's room and... well I failed to ask him to accompany me.. hihihi bahaya katenye! I slept alone for 1 whole month! Even though I had to chat until 2 o'clock or asked my BF to call until I fell asleep. I was not scared to walk at 00.00 o'clock even though there was the ceremony of 'orang cina meninggal dan ada 'itu'nya tergeletak for weeks' before entering my home. Plus.. I decided to sleep alone for the next months..

Until today.. wak wawwww!!! me so scared! :(

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Clown, 1868 193,5 x 130 cm Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo Netherlands

puspita hendra sari: ada berita apa?
mbakninit: oh iya
mbakninit: gw dah cerita blm?
mbakninit: kyk nya maicha liat penampakan deh

puspita hendra sari: hah?
puspita hendra sari: kenapa?
puspita hendra sari: dimana?
puspita hendra sari: serem abis
puspita hendra sari: anjrot

mbakninit: kan kita magrib di jln tuh
mbakninit: lwt gandaria, trus ke arah arteri PI
mbakninit: nah pas di belokan yg macet itu ada tanah kosong mo di jual
mbakninit: ada pohon2 nya... biasa deh pohon2 angsana kyk dipinggir2 jln gt
mbakninit: trus
mbakninit: tiba2 maicha blg
mbakninit: "ma, itu apa ma?"
mbakninit: sambil nunjuk ke arah pohon tinggi yg daunnya ketiup2 angin
mbakninit: gw blg yg mana?
mbakninit: "itu, maicha takut"
mbakninit: yg mana sih? itu kan daun ketiup angin
mbakninit: trus dia blg
mbakninit: "itu ma, kyk badut"
mbakninit: "maicha takut"
puspita hendra sari: masya oloh
puspita hendra sari: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy

mbakninit: trus minta dipeluk
puspita hendra sari: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
puspita hendra sari: serem emeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
puspita hendra sari: jadi kayak badut ya?

Thanks for the support little maicha heuaheu

Paper Word Status: 3991! blah!

Ambition of the Day

Stay at Chief Justice Koh Library until 00.00.

dan pulang disambut gegap gempita penuh cinta bak pahlawan pulang perang.. cihuiiii!!

paper word status: 3.377 words jek!

Thank God I Did Not Find You

Just read one of the entry of my bestfriend on her 7th anniversary with her BF. She embedded this song, Thank God I Found You, by Mariah Carey and the boyband.

I remember when I was still in High School, I texted my ex BF* (sorry this is gonna be mega corny) "thank god i found u, i was lost without u". Ting tung ting tung.. hellooo.. S T U P I D with bold font and capital character!

No offense to my bestfriend, they have been together for 7 years, in a Long Distance mode. So, there's nothing corny about that, they might have found each other.

But for me.... high school, braces, lost and found?
Oh, once again S T U P I D with red color, bold font and capital character!

*) Cowo yg cukup trendi pada jamannya.. kerapkali menggunakan celana merah, celana batik atau kadang2 rok dan berkepang dua... omigod!

...and the ticket has been booked!

19 April 2008, 2.20 pm Sg time- 3.20 pm Ina time :)


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