Hari ini lembur sampe jam 1/2 10 malem. Dikasih coklat sama Liviu. It was a Merci. Suddenly there was a flashback in the middle of my preparation for tomorrow's meeting. Gosh, I remember this chocolate!

A few years ago, I was so in love with this guy. He is my first love and love at first sight. He was my senior back in High School. I had fallen in love at the first day I stepped my foot to that school. But, back then I looked like a little cockroach lady that no one would even care to take a look at me. He did not recognize my existence.

Time flew as fast as it is now.

The junior became senior, the senior became alumni.

The little cockroach lady turned to be not-so-cockroachy. I managed to have a boyfriend (a hot one at that time :D). This ex-BF and the guy I love (or crush) were/are bestfriend. And, this ex-BF introduced me to that guy.

Shit happened, I broke up with the ex-BF.

I was not so unhappy. My crush started to call me intensively. So there were we, two love birds, did simple things that turned to be special.

Everyday, I brought him 1 stick of chocolate. It was a Merci. He really liked it and we started to called the chocolate "coklat sejati". I, who don't like chocolate turned to be a chocoholic. I really loved Merci.

But today, after years, I tried the Merci stick again. It is not as good as it was before :( I don't know why. Oh well, I guess it was just a reminder to my beautiful moment back then.

Thank you Liviu for bringing back my 'kisah kasih di sekolah' and for reminding me once again that I don't like chocolate.
*the current BF asked me to cut some part of this posting.. huhu

Daily Report 26-12-07

Dear Mr. Ng,

It was a nice 5 getaway days.

I spent those days by:
  1. consuming Nasi Goreng Bhakti right after Bandara Soekarno-Hatta. The Nasi Goreng was not as delicious as it was. But, the Black Toyota Crown with 80% 'kaca film', one teh botol and one hot BF were good companions;
  2. Sholat Ied? mm.. I was not able to manage it;
  3. bathing my baby maicha, since her mom need to take a total bed-rest and I will have another baby... soon!
  4. attending my Boss's Son wedding. It was held at the Dharmawangsa, and the family decided not to receive 'angpao';
  5. having 'masuk angin' as a result of the hairspray on my hair (such a kampung head);
  6. sleeping one whole day and making sure my BF that I was in a jet lag condition;
  7. chatting with my LGS friends at Senayan City and Anomali;
  8. having the opportunity of meeting Tami's friend, Puncak, ihateyou;
  9. watching original DVD at 'the subtitles' Dharmawangsa Square;
  10. meeting my best friend, Ayus;
  11. consuming Indonesian food at Bumbu Desa and Soto Asli Pak Sadi;
  12. playing with Kabir;
  13. ordering Martabak Telor Kampung and Martabak Manis to be delivered to mijn moeder;
  14. having a quick lunch at warung pasta;
  15. celebrating Tami's pre-birthday party;
I am very sorry about the grammatical error. I dont want to revise it and I dont want to attach any PDF file with this. Should you need any assistance please do not email me or call me or come to this KRC. I am tired. As you probably have known, I took the last flight last night and consequently, I got home at 2.00 a.m and I need to get up at 6.00 a.m to do my laundry since I ran out underwear. Thank you for your understanding.


My angel

Im not religious.

I don't do fasting.

I only sholat when I remember.

I always get nightmare after my bedtime prayer.

I think I need to change.

To be a bit religious won't kill.


Because angels do exist.

I've hugged one..

and in love with her :)

My names are...

gadis kecil;
kepik kecil;
kepi tanpa huruf k;
puspiti tanpa huruf l;

isn't he creative? or not...

Scent of this woman

I never like perfume.

My one and only perfume is the one from SJP. I regret to buy it because the smell is too strong. I dont like strong scent.

So, I tried their body lotion (you know the lotion produced together with the perfume). I suppose it would be softer. And I tried Carolina Herrera. Big mistake. The smell stays the whole day and not so soft.

That is why I then decided to go plain. I put nothing. My bestfriend once said "cewe nih kayak gini? harusnya kalo cewe masuk mobil tuh mobilnya jadi wangi" hehehe. I dont care. I love to go plain. Only cheap soap and body lotion.

How about party time? Well, party or no party I will just go plain.

Now, I change my body lotion to Coconut Body Butter from the Bodyshop. It was discounted 15% so it is a good deal. I love the scent of this body butter. A little bit like my childhood 'obat batuk' and a bit vanilla. I just love it. Cant wait to go to show this scent off to my boyfriend.
*Guys, please do me a favour. Please please please dont splash or spray ur perfume more than 4 times and never do that after ur activities.
Oh, and everyone has their own job desc. Perfume's job is for adding fragrance and deodorant to get rid of ur body odor (that's why it is called de-odor-ant) just dont mix it. Do not get rid of your natural body odor with perfume. Let the deodorant do its job. Okay? :)

Christmas Aura

Will go back on 19-25 december. I love christmas and I want to celebrate it with people I love. Well, ok, I love Idul Adha too. What the hell! I love going back to Jakarta!!! :D

This is an office hour, I have 3 assignments due this evening and all i can do is staring blankly to the documents, move my eyes to the PC, put my hands on the keyboard... and make this post.

Hmm... Im looking forward this weekend to go a little bit shopping. Well, to assure you, the things that I will buy are not for me. You see, it's December, where I don't know why so many people born in this month. Oh ya, my BF's birthday is coming :D so sad that I cant be with him.. but I guess it's gonna be okay since he will spend some more quality time with his family.

Things that I need to buy are:
1. Titipan from a friend, Nash, 1 CK electric perfume at Lucky Plaza with the price of $55;
2. Another titipan from the above mentioned name, 2 watches which cost $5 each;
3. Titipan 'liat-liat' Charles n Keith from Mbak Dien, only buy it when the price is under $40 (thats the instruction);
4. Cadeu for my Chichita... hmmm I think I will buy her a little sun-dress and sunglasses;
5. Cadeu for my brother-in-law... maybe something military;
6. Another cadeu for my BF. xxx will be fine :D;
7. OST of Woman on Top for a dear friend, Ayus;
8. A very cheap discounted polo-shirt for my dad.

I like shopping for other people, and it's christmas :D where the sale on Orchard Road will give you a very good deal :D

Okay, its time to fill up my locus (timesheet) and go.
Wondering how many units I've spent posting this stuff :P

the drama of the un-matching feet and shoes

so im accepted at this law firm as an intern..
thanks to the God almighty that Dinda is also accepted.

on the first day, i just dont know what happened to my feet, i suppose they forgot how to match themselves with their shoes. U see, for the past 5 months all I use was only this lovely black flip-flops. When I tried to match my feet with my ordinarily used working shoes, they just dont match. So, my first day turned out to be I have to 'jinjit' and walk very careful otherwise my ankle will be 'keseleo' (its a 9 cm heels shoes).

As a new comer, as expected, Dinda wore her trendy outfit. Black satin shirt, very-well-educated green vest, a-line skirt, high heels shoes and... black stockings. The black stockings rescued her from the un-matching problem between her shoes and her feet.

But on the next day, haha..
its her turn to 'jalan jinjit' coz she forgot to wear her stockings..

So, there were we,, walking from the office to MRT station in 'jalan jinjit' style. Dinda even wore shocking pink sweater (on tuesday) that had succesfully made us really reallyyy legally blondes.. by giggling on the street with 'jalan jinjit' style ahhaha...

Uh... its a dejavu.. do you remember our suede shoes story in the middle of a hard rain back in Jakarta Din? hahahah..

It's easy to be an everyday...

if u ask me what is my favorite tv show when i was a little girl, the outcome won't be those sandrios, walt disneys or japanese cartoons.. its gonna be a cooking show that until now, i just cant remember.

whatever the name is.. the host will stared deeply to the camera and said "it's eaaasssyyy to bee an everyydaaay.." assured us that cooking is or will be easy...

so I started a few weeks ago.
me and my mom decided to leave MSG out of our healthy daily meal. the very first times, it was bad. My mom (who used to cook a very nice soup) , failed to make those veggies and beef delicious. even the sambal went bad.. but, we are adjusting.. and surviving.

for those of you who cannot cook and try to leave MSG out, try my recipee here. It's a fried chicken.. a very simple one.

all you need are simply:
1. chicken;
2. garlic; and
3. soya sauce

what u need to do are simply:
1. marinate the chicken with the soya sauce;
2. fry the garlic until it smells delicious and the color turns to be goldish;
3. put the marinated chicken;
4. add some water;
5. wait until the pan become a bit dry; and
6. voila!

it's eeeeaaaasssyyy to beee annn eeeveeryydaaayyy*.... :)

*one of the recipees in this show was how a housewife put sliced fruits to ice cube maker for her kid's healthy snack ahahah


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