pagi tempe sore dele - the contemplation

Yah.. tinggal ditunggu tanda2 dari yang Diatas. Dalam bentuk apapun. Hahaha drama. I got 1 sign though. Hahaha.

Pagi Tempe Sore Dele

Dear Third Floorers,

A Special Request

As tomorrow Friday, 29 August will be the last day of our current Punctuality Policy Incentive Programme, I would like to request all who are working on the same floor as myself (3rd floor) to make a special effort to come in on time tomorrow, i.e. by 9 am.

On several occasions, we had missed 100% punctuality by a cat’s whisker. So very near and yet so far! For those who have been trying their best and managed to arrive on time I know that there is quite a bit of disappointment.

I hope to see that we can at least achieve punctuality as an operating unit for one day. So here is what I am proposing.. If indeed we can achieve 100% punctuality tomorrow, not only will there be a free breakfast on Monday, I will treat the entire floor to lunch at Jumbo! At a time convenient for all.

How’s that? I look forward to buying the lunch. I need not turn up if the lunch will be more enjoyable for you.

Can be done?

Kind regards, Michelle on behalf of Mr Ng
Gimana nggak makin pagi tempe sore dele*? Punya bos kebapak-an dan lucu begini?

Ah, I better get some beauty sleep now.. for the sake of the best chilli crab in Singapore!

*)A Javanese proverb that describes people who change their minds easily and sometimes too often.

Birthday Wishes


Yiippppiiii!!! I don't care with the merchandise... yang pentiiingg.. pengakuan bahwa tulisan ogut ciamiiikkkk!!! :)

Epilator - Review

After a year of contemplation, I finally bought epilator last Saturday. Philips Satinelle Soft HP 6408.
Price: 54 Sgd
From: Mustafa ahe aheeee!
Color: Strawberry Pink
Okay, let's get it done!
As I reached home, I rushed into Dinda's room and reported to her that I just bought one of the world's greatest inventions. I opened the box and turned it on. Suddenly, me and Dinda stop laughing. OMAIGOD!!! The voice was so intimidating.
As a brave girl I am, I turned the speed into fast (which means super fast) and started to epilate my leg. Wihuuuu.. I can promise you dear... it feels more or less like shaving.. Forget that exaggerating review about the pain. It felt comfortable I must admit. Yes it caused red dots and chicken skin appearance for a while. But it only last for an hour or less.
As a second base, I tried to epilate my underarm. Well, this one was so-so. The massaging pink balls don't seem to work for my skin. I stretched the skin as strech as possible. FYI, I used to wax when I was in Jakarta. I think I am used to the idea of pain, pluck and roots. So, no biggie.
Then, I moved on to the third base. Bikini. I couldn't finish it. I think both me and my skin need more practice on this.
Darlings, welcome to the time when the price of beauty is pain. I am definitely so going to buy epilator again when this one is retired. The upgraded one will do :)
Frankly, I love my strawbery pink epilator so much that I spent the whole weekend in my room and (try to) epilate everything. Seeing those stupid hairs fall down from its root satisfies me.
Note: Kenapa sih orang Indonesia jarang yg review epilator? Para bule kan suka berlebihan kl review.. yg sakit bgtlah yg apalah... Kalo orang kite kan lebih tahan banting boookkk :D

Induksi- Gagal Suragal

Yak teman temann.. induksi Moneypenny dinyatakan GAGAL! Setelah melalui 3 kali proses induksi, si jabang bayi tampaknya masih betah di perut si Moneypenny. Alhasil, doi cuman nginep semalem trs puuulaangg dehhh.. kok ga seru ya??

Btw, berdasarkan film Quickie Express, kalo bayi di perut ibunya lebih lama dr yg seharusnya (seperti bayi si Moneypenny) nantiiii.. anunya bakal gedeee!!! hahahahahahah. Si Tora Sudiro sih ngakunya 9.5 bulan.

Reaksi Moneypenny dikabarin tentang fakta penting ini.. langsung seneng... ck ck ck ...


Hari ini, Moneypenny di induksiiii!!! Doaken yaa!

Bak Om Senang

I just think my blog is too plain. Too much words. So, I garnish it with the pic of Om Senang

SMS of the Day

Now it's time for me to sleep.

"Nita lagi ngapain? Mama tau nita ngga ada pulsa, ngga usah dibalas ngga papah. Hati mama kosong!"

Guys.. come on! How can I extend my stay here??

Thought of the Day

Cooongg.. produktif amat nih semalem 4 posting hahahahah

Ketika orang ngga punya uang, biasanya doi bakal ngebayangin gimana kalo punya uang banyak. Mau ngapain aja. For me. It's as simple as A B C. First, is of course my mother. Cliche. I mean, u know the blablabla of making your mother happy. Second, is my moneypenny. Yes darling. Jangan ge er luh. Both are my everything. Just now, I found my number 3. It's my uncle. Om Gun or previously (like when I was 3 or 4 or 5) was Om Du.

Yep.. the one with a hella big moustache and beard. Why?

Because I just realised how much he cares my fam a lot. Rumahnya cukup jauh, Tangerang. But once u need him? Wuzzz wuzzz. He'll be there.

Berkaca-kaca "Ooommm besok sidang skripsiii"
Nangis "Ooooomm besok endoskopiii"
Berkaca-kaca "Oooom B**** blablabalbal"
Tercenung "Oooom ini kerjaan gimana ya Om?"
Nyengir2 menipu "Oooomm.. beli kamera aku yaaa... 1.2 juta ajaaa (harga asli 1.3 juta 3 tahun yg lalu)"

Ah, i lop yu Om lah pokoknyah.

Email of the Day


You have hit pay dirt. Pass me the cases asap. Thanks.

Best Regards

Compliment of the Day

He came without prior notice. Straightly opened my room and gave instructions.
In the middle of his so-called-speech, he stopped. Pointing something on my desk.
"Wow, that's a smart bag!" said the leading individual for corporate and M&A.

Wihuuuu sapa dulu dong yg beliinnnn ya ga miiilll?? :D

Lessons of the Day

Pulang kantor, menghambur keluar pintu. Cetak cetok cetak cetok. Untung si sepatu sudah tidak berdrama lagi. Sudah bisa kompromi. Semakin cepat... diakhiri dengan berlari di tengah malam. Tengok kanan.... bebas? Terjang lampu merah! Tengok kiri.. tunggu sampai bis itu lewat dan terjaanggg... Berlari dengan langkah kecil berkat pencil skirt yang begitu mengigit. Menuju tangga jalan, berlari di tangga jalan. Tap kartu. Lari. Hosh hosh... Masih 8 menit datangnya MRT terakhir. Phiuh...

Lesson(s) of the day:
1. Run when u need to run, walk when u need to walk and of course, sit when u r tired.

Oh.. and

2. Jangan terlalu malas reimburse taksi.

Malesss bangettt deeehhh kerrrjjaaaa!

Epilator for Him

Like all men, La Bamba is not great with pain.. So I will use Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator to epilate his armpit.. Peace Bambaaa!!!

Ring Ring

My first cell phone was a turquoise blue t10s ericsson . yesss.. the IT phone at that time (circa 1998). I succeeded to loose this phone by a heroic scene of mine at HSK. It was raining and the committee should gather into circle to pray to the God to stop the rain. I did. And practically left my t10s at one of those random tables. The rain stopped, the t10s gone.

Subsequently, I managed to buy another turquouise blue ericson t10s. Black market. Rp. 1.250.000. with blood and tears (and of course the guilty feeling of lying to my mother). The flip broke down but what the heck, I kept using my t10s. In fact, the incident brought me benefits (in relation to gebet menggebet). One of them bet that there is an original flip and I said no no its not original.. and Hanamasa treat on him! Many of them brought the topic "what happen to ur flip" as ice breakers.

One fine morning, I was woken up by a strange voice. It was a phone ringing so bloody loud. Who's phone is that? MINE!!! My father surprised me by inserting my sim card to this cool ericson shark! I was quite a tomboy by then so shark was the coolest! Somehow, I lost it again on Plaza Senayan fitting room. This time, I confessed.

Then I was given an indigo blue nokia 3115. I love the sejuta umat phone. I am madly in love with it.. it has moving features in it! (ha ha) I made pictures and pictures… of course with the green-black screen. I cannot recall what happened, but I switch to the older version, which is dark blue nokia 3110. I promise u. This is the best cell phone ever! It has a very comfortable tuts, so user friendly and really is a shock resistant. I used this from my college year until my working year. When everybody has color screen, mp3, camera, blue tooth, mine is still the most classic yet beautiful one.

My friends started to complained. Why don't u change ur phone.. ablbalba it's malu-maluin balbalabla.. what the heck.

Until one day, one of my complaining friends cursed "Jelek banget sih henfon lo? Najis." A few days later, he bought me a new one. Coincidentally, a woman version of my Boyfriend's Motorolla v3. Yesss……

At the same month, Bank Niaga sent me a phone that is so not user friendly. I cannot access last dialed number, I cannot insert address book to sms, I cannot forward number, I cannot save sms. Crap! But it's free :)

So, I gave the shocking pink Motorola v3 to my mother and I started to use this ugly phone. But even this ugly phone had a role as an ice-breaker when this American boy stared at her and said "wow.. ur phone is so cool! What's that?" I starred back blankly. "Sony Ericsson, free from my bank" blablabal ended up he asked me to go for a vacation to Australia…

Haahh… masa muda oh masa muda yang bergelora… Gonna miss those moments

Stupidity at Work

"Nit, tolong kamu bikin memo tentang wealth management"
"Ok bang"
Sambil mencatat Memo on Wild Management... kata2 wild dilingkarin.

"talk about bassel II and it's implementation"
"ok Bill"
Sambil mencatat Puzzle II and impl... kata2 puzzle dilingkarin.


Last night, I skipped the club and went back home so I can chat with that guy. Got home at 3.30, he remained silent. Ah, already kemulan.

Today, I skipped the ngupi2 part two and went back home so I can chat with the same guy. Got home at 0.08, he remained silent. Ah, kemulan again.

La bambaa... hummmmm.... huuuummmmm (trying to wake him up with the power of telepathy)

KPK is Sizzling HOT!

Not only that it does it tasks in a very dramatic manner (which u know i love) but also it appears that my favorit agency (officials) do have strong right brain!

KPK is planning something really creative! Their idea is to put on special clothes for special people! Corruption clothes for the Corruptors! How awesome is that?

I am wondering bout the design and of course.. the wording. I'd prefer "maaf, saya makan uang anda" or just plainly "tersangka koruptor" hmmm...

That's my friend... is a realistic way to bombard corruption. We dont need wrinkly-white-hair guy* talking shits about corruption. All we need is action. And this idea is certainly a strategic one. Simple idea with effective 'efek jera'.

I have to admit that I admire the elegance of Ayin during her trials. Let's see if the elegance comes from her clothes or really her aura. I mean... come on people, we judge the book by its cover.

*) inspired by Paris Hilton v McCain

The Drama of My Acne Medication

First of all, I would like to say my gratitudes to the all related parties and my Tante Tien for her advice.

So here is the chronology:
Thursday night, I ate 7 durians.
Saturday morning, I cut my hair short and it may became one of the factors of my breakouts due its existence on my cheeks constantly.
Saturday noon, I went to the bank and realized that my cheek hurts. Ah.. just the ussual acne I am on my period anyway. At home, I discovered 3 of them starring back aggressively from the mirror.
Saturday Night, I went to Siloso Beach and partied. I had wines.
When I got home, there are 9 of acnes on my right cheek.
Sunday morning, I woke up with 15 acnes on my right cheek and another prospective 8 acnes on my left. Shoot!
I rushedly went to the market and bought some Chinese herbs and made chicken soup with lotsa carrots and tomatoes.
Sunday evening, I had deadline at 8 and 11 p.m. I called my sister and my mother. I cannot helped it when it comes to my mother. I cried. "Mamaaahh.. jerawat aku ada banyak bangetttt… kayak jerawat2 di tivi2 itu loh maaah yang kalo digosok gosok telur nanti trs sama dukunnya dipecahin ada keluar kalajengking ama penitinyaaaa.. huhuhu." And then, I called my dermatologist in Indonesia. "Dokter.. blbalbalabal" I cried. The doctor replied "ah kamu abis dicium kali nihh? Bilang doong.. kalo nyium jangan nyeruduk gitu mainnya" hihihih. He gave me the prescription and I asked my 9 month pregnant sister to buy them from the clinic. As always, the prego lady was very casually helpful.

During my unfinished deadlines, I buzzed my friend on Yahoo Messenger. "penting nih.. mau bantuin ga?" "mau. Kenapa?" balbalbaabla.. "ok, besok jam 10 aku beli obatnya terus aku kirim pake fedex" P E R F E C T!

Then my friend smsed me. She said that she was in Jakarta and planning to go back tomorrow 11.a.m. Well, kenapa ngga titip aja?

On the next day, mission accomplished. Involving 1 prego lady, 1 ticketed journalist, and 1 fainted lady in Melawai.


So, my journalist friend who bought the medication got ticketed, my friend who will bring the medication to Singapore fainted on Melawai market and the prego lady made 5 international calls, called 2 strangers and acted as the master of the game.

Ah, what a drama.

Jerawat 9 Biji!

Mungkin karena rambut baru yang menusuk pipi..
Mungkin juga karena makan terlalu banyak goreng2an..
Atau bisa jadi karena lagi 'dapet'..
dan habis makan duren 7 biji
atau karena ke pantai malem2?

9 biji di pipi kanan!
padahal pipi kiri dah blonyok ginih..
diapain ya? dapet asupan krim muka masih 20 hari lagi dari Bung Tamil :(
lama ya bookkkk!

Self-Hair Cut

My ambition is to have a self-hair cut. I did! With the help of Madame Vicky of course. No tutorial from youtube. No tips. No hair-blow.

Hungry Ghost Month

1st August.

Aiyooh... it's been a year since I step my foot here. It's Hungry Ghost month again. Heaven and hell's doors are open thus the ghosts fly down to the earth and... be around us!

It's amazing for me because Im not scared at all to stay alone at the whole unit apartment (due to the TGIF and paycheck day, my flatmates decided to go out and I decided to kemulan).

The fact is, I am the hungry ghost. I eat like... a lott!!! Last night, I even had 7 pieces of durian as dessert :) not to mind the 2 pieces of cookies from Subway, banana cake and of course... Milo!


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