Christmas View at Your Room

The view that I enjoy the most at these time is
to watch him sitting infront of his PC, webcam on, his lil brother comes to hug, tickle or massage his cheeks and his mother joins the club by watching E! or discovery chanel.
It's christmas everyday at your home isnt' it?


My office at Jakarta uses MSN messenger to communicate, from trainee to founder. I always put the contacs on different groups. As it's a messenger, surely, I would not forget to put my personal contacs there and mix works with pleasure for sure. Talking about groups at MSN, the first group I put is: !TAMI (not to forget the exclamation and the capital character so that it will comes first) (oh well... obviously work stuff is not my top priority ehuaeau) the second group is @coworkers wich contains the trainee II, my batch. The third one is @LxS for the LxS lawyer and staff. It continues to my high school group, diritto group, friends and lastly, LxS partners.

Time does inevitably steal everything you have, including your colleague. For the sake of efficiency, I have to drag people from one group to another i.e.: @LxS to friends when a senior resigned or from @coworkers to friends when he/she is no longer around. It is very sad. I hate it.

The first drag I did was subesequent to LxS elimination day. Before the day, there were 11 contacts on my @coworkers' group. 11 trainees. On that monday, 26 June 2006, 6 contacts have to be dragged to the friends' group. :( Afterwards, the dragging activity kept on happen and it is sad enough when you have to drag your well respected seniors to your friends' group.

This morning, I have to drag another contact from my @coworkers' group. I have to drag the Sonador. She's the mother goose of us. She's our encyclopedia, diary and also dictionary. I sadly saw my list. There are only two of them left. My 'at-the-beginning gank' is no longer there. Well, I guess, life is a road I wanna keep going. Hard, hard, hard. :(

Another Sadness

Another sadness: Failed on Indonesian Bar Exam :(
huhuhu.. 2 days of study is certainly not enough.. especially if le boyfriend keep on 'ganggu ganggu'.. heuaeaiehi sweet 'ganggu ganggu' though! Congrats to everybody on the list! :D

Just Not My Day

1. wrongly decided to terminate my post-paid card;
2. now I will be charged for receiving phone call;
3. and cannot communicate well with him or her;
4. fastnet has problem in Indo;
5. we cannot chat well;
6. it's day 23 of the month;
7. and also our 1 year and 9 month monthliversary (?);
8. supposedly not too important since we are not on those celebrating age now;
9. but Im kinda sad;
10. asked him to come by this weekend;
11. cannot do;
12. got a fuckin presentation tomorrow;
13. clueless;
14. feel that same paranoia;
15. killing me.

To Win Our Heart

Winning a girl's  heart is 'susah-susah-gampang'. Don't be fooled by any mall/magazine/factory propagandistic approaches.

The salient things are:
  1. simplicity;

  2. surprise; and

  3. personalization.

We, girls, love to be loved, to be surprised and to be given gifts. We love diamonds, bags, shoes and cars but (luckily for u boys) we are easily touched by simple things. Imagine, a girl has flied for hours and his boyfriend appeared with a glass/carton of milk in his hand for her to drink... Are u with me if I say the boy has just won her heart? I was given a shandy beer by my BF on a very hot day when I was so busy of selling my second-hand stuffs to be sold on a garage sale. I saw him walked with a can of beer on his hand and I melted right there. Just right there.

The second salient thing is surprise element. I don't thing it's necessary to do an elaboration here. Just put a dash of surprise. Think of anything that would make her thinks "kok kepikiran sih?" and not to forget to pick the right timing.

The last thing (?) is personalization. Card or anything accompanying a small carton of milk or a can of beer is too much. Use ur imagination to personalize it.
Okay boyss.. go and grab ur girls' heart!!! And you... yes you.. you've grabbed hers, thanks to the shandy milk! oops I mean beer :p

Some Sundays

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines Sunday: "Sunday: so called because this day was anciently dedicated to the sun or to its worship. The first day of the week; the Christian Sabbath; a day consecrated to rest from secular employment, and to religious worship; the Lord's day."

Some Sundays on 20 years ago

Watched TVRI that aired the first dubbed TV show in Indonesia, Little Missy. Scared of the women's voice. Or watched the music show, Album Minggu Kita, stared at Titto Sumarsono, Trio Libels, or Vina Panduwinata, was happy to be able to hum. Need to take a nap at 2.00 pm, otherwise Mom would be very angry

Some Sundays on 2008 (Jan-April)

Stare at laptop, blankly. Stare at the reading materials, blankly. Have nothing in mind, have nothing to write. Curse. Need to submit the critique at 6.00, otherwise the grade would be downgraded.


"Sophie Ellis Baxter has always been my idol..she's smart...she's sexy..she is everything that a guy wants." --Milo for her GF's blog.

After succeeded to make me wanna puke with envy this morning by sending me this video, my BF philantropically add the vid here, put the subject and a little comment under it as you can see above. ehauhe so ABG my BF is. And so full of message don't u think? ehaue... no no no.. don't get me wrong... he never asks me to change. Ooorr maybe.. just a maybe... I don't need to change to fulfill his obviously subjective requirements? Heuaeu.. So we have an ABG BF and a GR GF here!


I used to change my accent, change my stance

My phone number, the way I dance

Some people change lovers like they change their sheets

But I won't change you honey, you're for keeps

I used to think I had to change the way I am

To feel better, to get a man

But once I stopped trying I fell for you

You fell for me so I'll stay the same for you

Now that I have found you

You've changed my life

Cos you're the one who showed me

I have everything right

We're never gonna differ cos we know it's true

So don't change me and I won't change you

Dear My Dear

Dear My Dear,
I wish I were there..
A Bestfriend

Unity in Diversity

People says Singapore is a multi culture country. It is.
Irresistably, talking about multi culture often followed by comparison.
Speaking a bit of comparative here, the following is an amateur observation of a law graduate student to her peers and before being judged as judgmental, she prefers to describe herself first.

One, is me. Im so plain. Im the plainest. I wear white/grey polo with cargo pants, flip flops, coach, tomy hilfiger (sorry for the low wages for the worker..) or nine west bag and no accesories.
Second, is my friend. She's so stylish. Sundress/tank top with cardigans/trendy t-shirt/trendy shirt with hot pants, trendy jeans, cute skirts, ipod on ears, earings, necklace, pretty flat sandals, and hot shocking baby pink nail polish (today). Haha it's you you naughty silent reader!!!

Since this is Singapore, you can see many of them with their own style. But mostly it will be tank top with skirt with boots (?) or some dresses with high heels, oversized shirt with baggy jeans or something black with tartan. Kalo yang ini ga boleh pake bahasa inggris, nanti ngerti yang baca.. biasanya walaupun pake baju yang sleeveless... keteknya heboh dah :( rimbuuunn....

The sexiest students I would say. Minimal sundresses, tank top, hot pants, cute flat sandals. Gorgeous!

Highlited hair with japanese style. Cool bags.

T-shirt/shirt and jeans or skirts with ethnic sandals or shoes or running shoes plus backpack.

Tank top, ethnic skirts, flip flops, hair bun, sunglasses put on their head, some tattoes, silver accesories.

Long sleeves shirt/polo-shirt/t-shirt, jeans, mini skirts, cute shoes, branded bags.

The above are obviously the girls' style. While for the boys, well American boys usually wear flip-flops, short and t-shirt while Chinese boys wear brown short sleeve shirt with khaki pants. But, there are some exceptions for example:

  • I dont know where he comes from, but he seems to choose short, shirt and suit (?) with brown shoes and brown bag for his style.
  • I dont know where he comes from, I saw him this morning. He really looks like a real law student. I mean light brown polo-shirt (most likely used by bapa bapa), ploy lighter brown pants (idem), brown pantoffel shoes and small brown belts.

That's about a little bit of comparative. Don't take this too serious, a bit of comparison is always good :D

Forest Fire

I felt like I just got hit by a big bus this morning at my land, law and development class.

first, the professor is so damn gorgeous. I always have a 'thing' with older guy. And this one is soo.. Richard Gere.. smarter version. same hair colour, same charisma ooh..

second, a bit more serious.. I just found out what has really been happening in Sumatera and Kalimantan? I mean the Forest Fire. All environmental information that I knew before the class were, yes, there are some fire there that import smoke to our neighbours and yes it's been like years, and.. yes some of the Indonesian artists' husband were being arrested because of illegal logging :D Until the gorgeous professor explained briefly about what is really going on there.. It's not the timber.. it's palm oil!!


Hair Story

I was not born in a 'dandan' family. The girls in my family are so 'bodo amat'.

We don't spend 2 hours in the morning to put our foundation, concealer and shading powder, we don't always visit beauty salon prior to any social event, we don't do manicure regularly, we don't do body treatment regularly.

Even the men in this family don't really like dandan girl. My brother even restricted me to wear lipstick on my prom nite. My uncle told his wife to wipe her make up off. My father does not have the time to wait the girls to do dandan stuff. My BF stared deeply into my eyes when I wore eye liner and asked me to get rid of those lines.

My Mom aware of the situation. Therefore, during my High School break, she put me into a grooming school. OQ Grooming School. She expected me to be a little bit dandan. And yes, thank you Robby Tumewu for the puff dress sugestion, Ayu Dyah Pasha for telling me how to draw my brow and Okki Asokawati for the pearl accesories suggestion(??). The grooming school went okay. Afterwards, I became the only girl in the family with the best eye brow drawing skill.

But the mood swings so fast here. Sometimes I like to dandan and sometimes I dont feel like it. And mostly, the last remains. I never brush my hair properly. I don't have my own sisir. I always take it from my sister or mother. This turned to be very bad behaviour. I used to have a straight hair but since I don't feel like to brush or comb it... It is turning to be KERITING!!! KRIBO!!! My friend once told me that I look like Renegade!! ahahha.

Now, I think Im a big girl that needs to put more attention to my appearance. I took a huge step of asking my friend, what is her secret of having such a lovely hair. And her answer is.. simply.. hair straightening!!

So I did some research on that and come to conclusion that Braun or Babyliss product will be good for a beginner like me. I think Im gonna give them a chance. I've asked my BF to get it home to be taken here. And surprisingly after showing the after straightened hair pictures, he said he's gonna buy me one! Oh crap so my hair is really that bad? :'(

Salah Beli Daging

Sial!! Buang2 duit buat beli daging yang haram dimakan!!!!
Di kampus juga bekas makannya selalu dikumpulin ke bagian "non-muslim" sih.. tp mengolah dengan tangan sendiri daging keputihan dan berlemak itu kok rasanya kurang sreg ya??
Apa sih bedanya daging babi mentah sama sapi mentah? di Sheng Siong ga ada penjelasan di labelnya :(
I haateee buang2 duitt!!! especially dikala keuangan menipissss :'(

Just Some Thoughts on Wedding Pictures

Have nothing to do today (actually choose to do nothing) I started to do one of my hobbies. Blogwalking. I walked from one blog to another, feeling the pain on my neck coz I took it really serious. The theme today was Wedding Blog. I hop into the newlyweds' blog, soon-to-be-a-brides' blog, until the photographers' blog.

Tired of walking, I decided to lean back to my chair and took a sip of hot milo.

The grey brain cells in my head started to work. I reach in conclusions that:
  1. Pre-Wed Picture. Warna2 artistik dengan pose menatap masa depan. satu hal yang menarik adalah.. most of the grooms sepertinya kurang begitu interested dalam berfoto pra pernikahan ini. mereka biasanya hanya mengikuti koreografi dari sang koreografer dan blash! tampaklah tampilan foto dimana the brides tersenyum manis bak kembang gula ataupun menatap penuh mesra pada pasangannya dann dilain sisi sang arjuna tampak menyureng atau sok mesra tapi mimik udah-ah-cepetan-panas-nih masih tampak jelas. Contoh Kasus: My sister's pre-wed picture.. ketika sang kakak tersenyum manis penuh arti pada sang kakak ipar.. eh si kakak ipar memandang ke sepatunyah ajah ahhahahah;
  2. Before the Wedding Picture. Kalau yang diatas itu adalah fenomena perkawinan jaman sekarang dimana the couples intentionally dress up for the photo shoot, yang ini diambil bener2 detik2 terakhir sebelum pernikahan. Biasanya fotonya di ranjang pengantin, di tempat dandan atau dimanapun selagi masih ada kesempatan berfoto. Pose yang kerap terlihat adalah..
    • pengantin perempuan membuka tirai jendela dan menatap jauh ke depan.. kadang2 kalau ada kesalahan teknis dan kurangnya ikatan batiniah antar pengantin dan fotografer.. jadilah si pengantin tampak bak menatap masa depan suram wihihi..
    • the love doves duduk diatas ranjang dan saling mencium, cium kening lah bibir lah.. pokoknya ciumm.. trus diburem-buremin belakangnya dan dibuat agak sephia dikit... Contoh Kasus: My brother's Kissing Picture.. Pose yang disuruh fotographernya adalah cium bibir (ciuummm... ciummm... ciuumm!!!) tapi karena adanya kesalahan mind-set (mungkin) yang ada foto ciuman love dove ini malah ciuman sambil nyengir kuda hahaha not so romantic..
    • pose menangis.. ini harus dikuasai oleh para pengantin perempuan.. karena biar syahdu-syahdu gimana gitu emang lebih baik to add a little drama on documentation. pertanyaannya adalah.. bagaimana cara menangis cantik?
    • muka muka stress para orang tua. nah kalo yang ini ga bisa diapa-apain lagi.. emang stress kali yah.
3. The rest is just some boring pictures contains of formal dining with no emotions captured.

That's just some thoughts I had today. Wanna add some more?

Friend Test

I don't need any Facebook nor Tickle application to test my friends. It's all just virtual propaganda.

The situation: Today is my BF birthday and I kinda late to realized I haven't thought anything for him. Yes, I gave him a birthday cadeu a few weeks ago, but I havent prepared anything for the D-day. As a good GF, a long distance GF, I planned to order birthday cake or whatever to be sent to his home/office. It's quite a simple and cliche idea.

The problem: Even though Singapore is not that far and I can always do internet banking, finding a cakery shop online is not always that easy and I accidentally forgot to bring my phone. Thus communication is limited to email correspondence and not messengger.

The alternative solution: Find some bestfriends, email them and ask them to do a favor.

The result: I emailed some friends that I thought were the best and ask them favor. Surprisingly, no one promptly, adequately and effectively replied . Gosh... This is a test. (Please bear in mind that the persons intended in this post is not you Acid and Marjie... I am aware of our situation yesterday :)) Frankly, I am dissapointed. I was not randomly ask you to help me guys! I also considered your office locations. Oh, come on! Are you really that busy? Is it so hard to just pick a phone, order something and go downstair to do an ATM transfer? Until the end of working day yesterday, I was clueless. At home, I log in to my messenger. None of the besties asked about my request of help. :s until I opened a conversation with my friend from college. A very talented lawyer, works in a law firm, key-note speaker in many seminars, very busy.

Nita: hei moy.. lg apa?
Tjems: lg pusing
Nita: hehe kenapa?
Tjems: biasa masalah kantor hehee knapipa nit?
(i love this. no basa basi taik. straight forward)
Nita: nggak moy tdnya mau minta tlg kl ga sibuk. besok tuh balbalbalabal...
Tjems: oh.. gampang itu.. mau dikirim kemana? kuenya apa?
Nita: seriuss? mau nalangin dulu nih?
Tjems: iya.. gampang
Nita: ok, pokoknya kuenya kue coklat dan dikirim ke balbalabla
Tjems: ok, Nit, bentar gue telpun aja deh gue musti pergi nih.

A few minutes later, she called me. International call. To help me on buying a stupid cake. So, I called her back and did a little chat. Isn't she helpful?

I remember a few years ago at my skripsi time, she was also the one who gave me hands. Just simple things like accompanied me to meet my scary mentor etc. At the celebration of my graduation, I chose a few friends that I thought deserve to have a little treat. I ordered them special drink. And I gave her Sex on the Beach. :)

Dodo, you are so damn lucky to have her.
Tam, your birthday have enlightened me. Of making me aware which friend is the best and showing me that the rest is just ordinaire.


Today, I was approached by a Singaporean middle age lady at MRT Station. She offered me facial treatment with something DNA thing on it. She said that scar-thing that is feared the most by an acnecian*- will be gone within 4 weeks by applying those creams and doing their facial treatment. It turned out to be scary since it is a cosmetic salon product. So, I smiled at her and said "Thank you Auntie, but no thanks."

As I walked away from her, I kinda touched my face. Damn my acne scar!!! That is why she was so persistent on approaching me.

I started to blame my self..

and my dermatologists...

A lesson should be learned. Don't do what I did, okay. I love love love doctor-shopping. (I can spend half of my salary to do that shopping). For your reference, the following is my shopping-list:

  1. Dr. Arjuwati. Nih sekarang entah kemana.. gak terlalu berkesan abis kesananya pas smp siiyy...

  2. Dr. R*ni No**an.. gak ngefek! tp itu lagi2 jaman dulu banget dimana teknologi peeling aja blm ada.. cuman ada teknologi bedak dingin ahhaah;

  3. Dr. Timor. Hah!! T*ti Mo*rtolo.. gak oke. facial2 ga jelas gitu.. my sister was one of her victims. Not recommended.

  4. Dr. S*ony/Ha**ono Jakarta Skin Centre/ klinik sendiri seberang RS Pertamina. Lumayan... bisa ilangin jerawat.. tp mukanya jd muka dokter-an dan lagi.. di klinik itu.. ad ayang lebih menantang dan membuat orang2 antri ampe tidur2.. yakniii....

  5. Dr. Ar**ni Jakarta/Senopati Skin Centre. Dokter2 para artis katanya.. I saw Diana Pungky (jd kl dia iklanin produk kecantikan... blah! boong bener), Krisdayanti, Caroline Zachry, dll. Nih dokter cukup matre.. bela2in praktek hampir tiap hari dan bikin 2 gelombang. Gelombang 1 itu VIP dengan biaya dobel dari biasa dilayani jam 5 sore sampe jam 8 malem-an.. nah gelombang II buat rakyat jelata dilayani seselesainya gelombang I sampe... seselesainya juga.. jam 2 malem, jam 3 malem.. tergantung! Si dokter, sangking sibuknya cuman meriksa muka sekitar 4 menit lah.. itupun kadang2 disambi sambil disuapin buah sma suster2nya... jadi dia keliling bangsal gitu jadinya.. waktu itu (beberapa tahun yg lalu) utk konsultasi belaka dan chemical peeling minimal 500 rb deh.. kalo suntik2 yah jadinya min 700an lah.. nah sekali ambil obaaatt... minimal 2 juta... I spent two years here. She gave me roaccutanne and I consumed it routinely. haha bad pricey doctor. Begitu lepas kontrol jerawat2 kecil menghadang... not recommended.

  6. Akupuntur Dr. Tio/Tyo at Patra Jasa Building. Goood!! It takes time, but it's good.. tanpa obat2an ataupun pil berbahaya.. kalaupun ada jerawat2 hanya satu dua.. bagus!! makanya dibela2in seminggu sekali tiap makan siang naik ojeg ke patra jasa... sekali perawatan Rp. 170rb.

  7. Manusia memang tak pernah puas... tiba2 jadi pengen lagi ngoles2in krim... dodol!!!! jadilah petualangan dokter2an ini berlanjut. Kali ini, pilihan jatuh ke Prof. A*i Dju*nda. Bapak dari Dr. E*win Djuanda, dan semua Djuanda2 lain. 1 keluarga dokter kulit semua. Dokternya dah tua 70an akhir kali. Serem abis.. kalo nyuntik tangannya dah gemeteran. jerawatnya dicubit dulu (masya allah sakitnye) trus disuntik deh lukanya... krimnya bikin jerawat keluar semua in a bad way.. baaadd baaadddd...!! parahhhh!!! jangannn!!!! gara2 dia sekarang banyak bekas2 merah di muka.

  8. Untuk menyelamatkan wajah... shopping lagi aaahh.. hiyaaa Dr. Ad**yawarman dari RS Medistra.. Gila. krimnya nyakitin abis! jadi tiap malem bak chemical peeling.. sumpah parahhhh!!!

  9. Dr. M*ria. Liat2 wajah temen2 yg mulus2 tergoyahlah hati untuk melangkah sedikit ke MMC. Alamaaakk... lain padang lain ilalang. Kalau sebelumnya muka ini jerawatan... ditambah krim dokter ini tambaahhh lagi jerawatnya.. dan terimakasih dokter, anda sukses mengukir scar di wajah saya! Jadi begini ceritanya, dokter memeriksa wajah, dipegang-pegang, trus perintah suster "comedo extractor sus" diberilah alat keparat itu oleh si suster dan mulailah sang dokter mengeksekusi si komedo. sampai di pipi kiri sang dokter memekik... "awww.. oh my god" dan kulitkupun menganga lebar.. sumpah kebuka ajah.. sampai sekarang bekas eksekusi inilah yg menjadi my biggest concern.

  10. Dr. Wong. I love love him! murah dan efektif.. dalam seminggu jerawat2 tumpukan program2 sok-detox diselesaikan olehnya.. well.. kurang setuju sih dengan teknik facial yg diterapkan dokter ini.. tp ah bodo amat! Walaupun sekarang muka jadi muka dokter bgt alias pink2 ga jelas gitu tp yah.. emang scarnya parah.. musti diginiin kali ya :( yaaa sabar lah...

  11. Dr. Ma Cho. Dari Myanmar... baik banget dan kebetulan house-mate disini.. dia menyarankan untuk pake Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair utk scar2 keparat ini. Banci eksperimen pun menurut.. dengan pemakaian kombinasi dengan obat dokter Wong... lumayan lohhhh :D walaupun mbak2 penjualnya pesimis bilang "no way... this cream cannot heal your scar, there is nothing that can heal it. Go to plastic surgeon" (hehe tp baik juga si mbak2 memperingatiku..)

Yah itulah sekelumit perjalanan Doctor-Shopping yang mengakibatkan situasi rumit di wajah. huhuhu sedih deh.. Sekali lagi, lain padang lain ilalang, siapa tau ga cocok di padang bisa cocok di ilalang.. heheheh.. Ada yg mau menambahi?

* haven't checked this vocab on dictionary


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