Needle in the Hay

So, things are getting more serious here so I decided to tell my BF everything. Oh well, my blabber mouth makes everything here means one thing... medical history. I was kinda mmm welll.. not really comfortable about this one cos mine is not so good. Blame it to the DNA.

My internist always comforts me by saying "maybe you are one of the great great great grand daughter of Genghis Khan" every time we discuss my weird DNA.

At first La Bamba was kinda scared of needle and blood. He did not like the idea of pre-tarantamtam medical check up. In front of Prodia Gunawarman, i told him to conquer his fear and go straight to the lab cos this is important. "Baby, I dont wanna be romantic ... Let's be realistic. I have this kinda blood and if u have it then we are gonna be so doomed. To know whether u have it or not, we should go there." He was shocked and looked yellowishly pale.

Afterwards, he grabbed my hand and firmly said "Let's go."

I? Melted..

The next day was our 'terima rapot' day. "So Kepi, are we going to 'terima rapot' today?" he asked. "Yes Bamba." I replied.

On the way to the lab, suddenly the Toyota Crown turned to be a big freezer.

After Prodia, we went to Ayam Hayam Wuruk to celebrate that 'terima rapot' day. :D


Sari said...

hehehehe manis deh ceritanya...
jadi terharuw...

Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

aku B km A...:)

Nita said...

apa itu tami B A B A?


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