Mengejar Mas Mas

Just got back from a business function. Exhausted.
My firm asked me to join this so-called-socialite organisation. (I met Pribadi family hahaha).

It was held in a prestigious club house, there were only 20 people attending, good sofas, great ambience, good choice of music, good food & everybody talked in low-voices.

The attendees are business person which also includes young enterpreneurs. Most of them are men, with suit, beard, gym-body or premium jeans (tumbelina will be curious on this) and shirts.

Frankly speaking, a great place, a really great place to find a prospective BF/Fiancee/Husband. They run their own companies. That's a good deal :) As long as you dont mind standing there, pretend to be smart and listen to their jokes (which involves the difference between Harvard and MIT) with flirty gesture, it wont be a hard task.

Interesting social life.

But, to be frank I'd rather going back home and mengejar mas mas. Ya nggak Mas Tumbe?


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

yesss...go back home..kimcii..and leave all those so-called socialites

-marjie- said...

hahahahahaa :D mas masnya dah kangen tuh beb


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