Just got this yesterday!

Main Objectives:

  1. To keep my mom healthy by playing virtual tennis

  2. To keep my .. rrr... (well, his) wallet healthy by spending saturday night at home

  3. To provide a little bit of entertainment subsequent to my engagement party traumas

  4. To learn how to cook properly by playing "COOKING MAMA"

It is funny to read that this console helps people from strokes and used for the elderly in the U.S. Let's see whether this is another over-rated device or not.


-marjie- said...

asik kan nittt :) hahahaha... gw sm dika jg lagi kegandrungan wii. jd anak rumahan hehehe

-marjie- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dida said...

mitaa... engagement party trauma ada apah nih?? ceritaa

Dida said...

eh salah maksudnya nitaa

Nita said...

@marjie: seperti saranmu.. aku membelinya aahahha

@dida: hahah adida km lucu emet
blm kok engagementnya
tp pasti akan ada trauma rama
im a pesimistic..


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