Casual Date

Semua beres Jendral! Semuuuaanyaaa kecuali undangan, suvenir dan seragam. Mantabs tidaks??

Proud of being a hella gooooodd negotiator, we, as in me and Tumbe, went for a casual date on Sunday. Nothing too special, we ate at Bakmi Gajah Mada, browsed things that'll do for my peningset, and watched Jim Carrey on Yes Man.

Tumbe was a wee bit stress becos of the peningset thingy. I haven't found anything perfect to be added in those basket. Until, at 9.30 pm, I found this perrrfecttt clutch on NEXT. Tumbe looked very happy and so did I.

I wanted to end the date by eating Brain Soup. Yeppp yepppp.. brain soup for the girl! But, alas.. we didn't have enough money!


-marjie- said...

wuiih hebatt puspita :) in how many months prep yg td2 itu km sebutin? :)
semangattt terus ya towards the hari H..huahahahaha ya iyalahhhhhhhhh x) hihihihi *ada2 aja d gw

astried&benget said...

km anak hebat
cocok jd WO! :)

Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

jie cid lo hrsnya liat dia makan soto otak...gua ama temn2 gua aja terkagum2..kok gadis kecil kaya nita makan nya asoy amet..hehehe


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