Glow Like a Disco Ball

Reference is made to the Sunday Date I posted a few days ago.

You know, things are way more complicated now. He's having this spine problem, I hate to drive, I hate to go to the caterer by myself and he hates it when I nag. The thin red line is... we're having this relationship symptoms.

Tumbe got a solution, he planned a casual date on Sunday. I didn't have to pick him up and we met at the mall instead.

Damn baby, when u r in love, your partner will looks really glowy like a disco ball. This I realised when I saw him sitting on GM restaurant and ordered some foods for us from a distance. He wore a creme t-shirt, diesel jeans plus his sendal jepit. Just an ordinaire of him... He looked like a disco ball.. and I love disco!!!

You can trust on me this time people... cos I once dated a very ugly boy for some time... and he glew every time I saw him. Yahaaaaa!!



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