Being a Confusius

I always confuse when it comes to choose which bag type to buy. Tote or handbag?

  1. Tote: I know Im not a lady-girl type. This should fits me. The practical issue, the busway issue, the osteoporosis issue (haha).

  2. Handbag: The fact that I almost forget to comb my hair in a daily basis seems to be a very strong reason why I don't fit with this type. But, strangely, I like this better than a tote. Oh yes, u may get the osteoporosis issue (becos trust me people, mengayun (?) tas is way heavier than mencangklong).

What to choose now? Tote or Handbag? Mandarin or Beige? Oh.. I love them!

Ah, a little blast from the past picture.. The pic of me and my bestfriend, Yani, at Pos Siskamling when Timmy the commedian car was entered by wind.. alias masup angin, alias mogok aje. Funny, I dislike me being fat. The thing I've pursued for the past.. rrr 27 years.



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