The Uppermost Anyone?

Bukan salah bunda mengandung. Lembur2 hingga jam 3 pagi kok disuguhin yah sudahlahhh... ternganga-nganga yang ada. Dulu emang pernah tertarik mau pake mereka tapi karena satu dan lain hal... Baru ketemuannya ya kemaren2 ini. Foto2nya sih lucu2 tapi sayangnya musti mengeteng nyari video lagi.. huhuhuhu..

Contact person: Mas Sigit.


Bride to be said...

If I were you, I wouldnt pick Uppermost. They surely use fancy camera and stuffs, but I saw my friend's pics, the result? so so. There is now wow factor in it. Not worth their price at all..
So, why ternganga-nganga? hihi..
I personally think that Uppermost is overrated.
Run while you still can! hehe..

Nita said...

Wow Bride to Be... what a frontal approach! gitu ya bride? Could u explain why do u think it's overrated? Thanks :)

Bride to be said...

Oh well, I think their photos are ok lah, but not THAT great (well maybe it is for some amateur Indonesian taste haha).
The pics quality is gud, but I dont think they capture the right moments. Their candids are blah.
Why on earth we would pay that amount of money just for so-so pictures? hihih..
No wonder your BF reaction was dingin hahaha...maybe he's bored seeing those "foto-foto keren"
hihihi..Mine also gave the same reaction ;p

Nita said...

ow, okay. Thanks bride.

Nita said...

oh btw, kl yg bagus itu foto2 siapa ya bride?

Bride to be said...

Gud girl hehee..
I personally recommend Jaysu or Timur Angin. Their pics are amazingly beautiful..
They're bit pricey, but totally worth it.
But if you have friends who know Jaysu, maybe u can get gud price.
fotografer laen langsung ga ada apa2nya gituh hihihih...
Beda level siy menurut gw :)

Anonymous said...

Hai hai...dah liat ini

Hhhmmm...kekna dia muridnya Pak Fendi Siregar yah hihihi...

raxisme said...


Timur Angin

hehehehe ^^

Miss de Saire said...

nit, Merdi kalo ngambil candid keren2 looooo =)) hihihi..
but serioulsy, he's good at capturing-candid-moments! tapi jangan harap dia mau nge-retouch di fotoshop ya.. :P

Anonymous said...

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