Lebaran Plan!!

Everybody at my office are all excited for the upcoming Lebaran. At first, I thought I love christmas more than Lebaran, thanks to Santa, jingle and the trees. But now that I've been receiving ayyloottt Lebaran gifts. I like this one better!!

My plans would be:

1. Today's lunchtime:

Searching the right gift for my secretary and the right cookies for my colleagues. Am planning to go to Plaza or Grand Indonesia. Wuhuu... I love love love searching for things I wouldn't use myself. It reduces the guilty feelings!

2. Today after-lunchtime:

As a good daughter and also the substitute for the better one who's now residing in Australia, I need to go downstairs to meet the Mbak2 Panin for some uang 2ribuan (baru). And also give them some Lebaran cookies (that I sell!)

3. Tomorrow the-whole-day

Enjoying the Lebaran vibe at my office and giving my cookies and gifts. Now people, I AM THE SANTA!! :D

4. Friday

Doing groceries shopping with mother. You know what people? I am so gonna cook bake mix this year! Just got a super simple recipe from my office mate! Be prepared Tumbe! You have to clean up the mess and eat all of the damage!

5. Saturday

Go to my friend's house to take the oreo mint pudding I ordered. Start to cook. Tumbe shall has the right to enjoy my dish as his fasting break. :) Once again Tumb, be prepared!

6. Sunday

Is Sunday the Lebaran Day?

Fast forward to 24 September pleaseeee...

Me and my mother will be off to Solo! Yiiiihaaa.. Finally, a chance to go splurge with my mother! Let's not care about expenses shall we Mother? We'll go by Garuda, and not Airasia, or Sriwijaya or other budget airlines.. We'll stay at the newest hotel in Solo (even though it is only an Ibis) for 4 days and not those boutique hotel or Kampung Sewu where we need to do the sweep or other cleaning stuffs. We'll eat anything you want (the consideration would only be your cholesterol and sugar diet), we'll go to Klewer and buy any batik you want.

26 September..
Tumbe will be arriving at his room, next to my room early in the morning. 8 AM. I'll introduce Tumbe to my Eyangs and Tante at the family graveyard. Ask for their blessings. Tumbe and I would have the first malming in the city that sleeps at 6.30 PM. Hahaha. It's okay, we can still do the PDA on the becak kok :)

27 September
Me and Tumbe will go to Yogyakarta by Prambanan Express (Pramex) and have culinary tour before going back to Jakarta...

28 September
Back to this place, posting our holiday pictures...

Hope the plan goes well and I hope yours goes well too!

Happy Lebaran!!!


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

asikk...wisata kuliner dan berbecak ria..hehehe

Nita said...

Dan makan masakan akkuuuu..!

Ninit said...

ohhhh my god.... hebat kali .... bs nuker uang recehan dibilang "the better one" hahhahaha

Icut said...

huehehehe...naik becak seruuuuu!!!


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