Singapore Itinerary

why do we need to meet your friends three days in a row kic?could me meet all your friends in one day? let say on friday so on saturday and sunday we'll have our time alone together?please revise

i lop u

Our Singapore Itinerary, after alteration

Day 1 (night): Changi Airport, Hotel

Day 2:
8.30 Breakfast di McDonald for Tumbe and Kopi Tiam for me
9.30 - 12.00 Alvin H*ng
13.00 - 18.00 Milo ice cream, es potong, old chang kee, sephora, forever 21 and some new malls at Orchard
19.00 dinner with my friends @Boat Quay and pass the Ayam Suharti

Day 3:
9.00 Breakfast at McDonald for Tumbe and Kopi Tiam for me. 2 kaya toastbread, soft boiled egg and teh tarik!!!!
11.00 Meet my friends and pass the abon
12.00 off to Vivo City from Plaza Singapura
16.00 Sentosa Island
19.00 No Signboard Restaurant @Esplanade

Day 4:
9.00 Breakfast at McDonald
9.00-13.00 Orchard to meet my friendsMustafa and Boon Keng for prata and a friend
13.00 check out
14.00 Ikea Tampines
20.00 take off to Jakarta

Approval is highly expected Tumbe! :D


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