Food Combining

Got this email from le husband during my lunch at Pesto Autentico. He summarized the below from his Food Combining class with Andang Gunawan. FYI, Tumbelina, the husband, is an ANTI. Anti fruit, anti vegetable, anti fish.


Highlights from Food Combining session:

  1. The best thing to eat for breakfast is fruits. Either whole fruits or fresh juices.
  2. Detoxification starts from 04.00 to 12.00. So it is suggested not to eat too much and it is good to have number 2 during that time.
  3. When eating for lunch or dinner, the rules are never combined carbs (rice, wheat, potatoes) with proteins (fish, chicken, meat) on an equal ratio. The suggested ratio is 15: 85 or 25: 75. More carbs less protein and vice versa. On top of that vegetables can be eaten as much as we like.
  4. Above 23.00 hours, it is recommended not to eat anymore, since from 20.00 to 04.00, our body is in the assimilation process.

    That is what i will do Gic following those 4 points above :D.

W*ratama So*iadiredja (T*mi)


So I replied: " Oh I love you for that :)"



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