Stylish Blogger Award

Accepting this award, I am asked to do the following:

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. Share 8 things about myself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

Dapet award dari Ita and Shoumie. Hihi thanks yaah. Berhubung hari ini hari terakhir ngantor sebelum libur natal dan taun baru selama 10 working days.. *pamer* Maka, mari kita isi! Eh, ini gimana sih caranya? Bentar2, nyontek dl ah.

8 Facts:

  1. About the First Kiss. Pada suatu malam setelah 3 minggu (!) jadian. Tumbe seperti biasa parkir di depan rumah dan berpamitan di mobil. Pada umumnya aja, cium jidat, cium pipi kanan dan cium pipi kiri.. Lalu sudah. Sekian. Hadeh.. Gemes. Hap! Lalu ditangkap!!! Jadilah, ik nyosooorrr duluann! Lama sih lu Tumb!

  2. About Singapore, 14 February 2009. Tumbe was once accused having this deadly disease (that has been metastasized!) 9 months prior to our wedding day. And believe me, it was the scariest yet most romantic incident in our relationship. I literally cried every single second to everyone's shoulder. Lucky, our doctors do make mistakes. :) Sekarang kejadiannya adalah, setiap berantem dan doi tidur munggungin dan si kaos butut tersingkap, tampak bekas operasi sepanjang 15 cm dan lgsg ingin kupeluuuukkk!

  3. About the Names. Tumbe makes tons of nicknames for me. The very first was "Gadis Kecil" and now it turned into "Gicim" or "Gebbiii" or "Cikim" or "Kimci". Pernah ketauan mijn moeder waktu kita lg telpun2an pake komputer jaman long distance... Gara2 doi tau2 manggil teriak "Kepiiiiikkkkkkk!!!!!" Hihihi. Pernah juga waktu di Singapore doi nelp balik ke nomer Dinda dan menyapa "Kepi.. Lg ngapain Kepi?" padahal yg ngangkat si Dinda. Hihihi. Tengsin.

  4. About the Job. My boss is very keren. Seriously. When I say keren, it means literally edgy. Gosh, if only I have the ability to put his pic on my blog without any consequences, I would. Pokoknya, no doubt, the trendiest lawyer in town! *okay, I'm rewinding this again* During my law school days, folder kuliah-ku adalah foto Sang Boss yang diambil dari majalah Bazaar. And, I mentioned it on my interview here :D El Stupido...

  5. About Music. Nah, nada, none. I hate music. Period.

  6. About the OB Kiss. One of my office boys, once, kissed me on the cheek. But hey, that was my birthday! It's supposed to be okay, until somebody loudly screamed and yes, now, I'm the girl that has been kissed by Mas A*us. Hihihihi.
  7. About TV. Please see point 5 above. Meh, I dislike TV and movies. It's wasting your time. But, I'm marrying this couch potato and he insisted to have TV in our bedroom. Well, okay, TV and DVD marathon is fun with you :D
  8. About Being Stylish. Aku anak tak trendi. Sungguh. The last time I shopped was merely a year ago. Anak pemalas, jarang sisir rambut. Heheheh. So, I actually do not deserve this "Stylish Blogger Award".

Ah well, that's about it! 8! Finally! Tumbe has been waiting for me for almost an hour downstairs. So, after finishing this up, I will just bring my folder home and tomorrow, 9 a.m, will submit it to client, as requested.


*signing off from the computer and will return on January, 3 2011*



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