Moral of the Movies..

If ever,

  1. I have the chance, to raise a daughter... Neverrrr.. would I allow her to watch movies like Public Enemies. Or.. my baby daughter will fall in love with the terrorist, drug dealer or bank robber (wuhuuuu!!). My Mother was lucky enough due to the fact that I am falling in love with this guy (whom I thought was rebellious with his big leather watch and washed out jeans). As time goes by, he is just a white rabbit with a long black buick car who is pretty familiar with the mall service called.. Valet Service. :D

2. and when it comes to a son. Pramuka is compulsory!

*semoga kegiatan pramuka masa depan tidak sebegitu membosankan seperti kegiatan di sekolahku dulu :( the adorable Russel

As in the physical appearance of Russel, I have a little enlightenment!

ceritanya dibikinin selempang pramuka

U have the small eyes, full lips, awkward smile and that black grass hair Baby! Thank you!!!

Gee, what am I doing? I still have 2 agreements to be drafted. Sigh.. :(


.Dinda. said...

kelak anak kalian mirip russel..bulat sempurna hihhi..

kreativitas mu membanggakan ku puspit hihi

Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

full lips will come from you cik and also the grumpyness when hungry..:D

Nita said...

u mean 'grumpiness'?

Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

i just followed your rule..i dont care about the grammar...weak english...just follow the brain and the heart.

Nita said...

hahahhaah okay volumed lips.. panjang kali lebar kali tinggi

Icut said...

pramuka nit? really??? huehehehehe

Nita said...

berharap cut... pendidikan nasional lebih berkembang hehehehe


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