Honk Me!

I gave Tumbe a little surprise a couple of days ago. I bought him a car horn. Iyepp.. to replace his previous horn which sounds like semut kepencet. Ntitt... ntiiit...For me, as long as it meets the requirements here, that'll do!

Friday, 11 June 2010
Dear Tumbe, HONK ME! and let's
not sweat small stuffs, shall we?

Followed by our favorite activity. Lomba banyak2an komedo!

Only this time, we have the luxury to do that on our bed :)

Andai saja semua seawet Electrolux :)

I shall have all the time in the world to edit my pictures today . COS I ATTENDED A 7 A.M MEETING THIS MORNING! :)


Anonymous said...

jd siapa pemenang lomba komedonya? cute couple!

Nita said...

pemenangnya tentunya yang idungnya lebih gede. ehehehe. alias si tumbelina :p thanks yaaa :))

Ninit said...

so romantic.... kecuali adegan lomba komedo dgn daster batiknya hahahhahah

Nita said...

@mbak ninit: hahahahaha. roman picisan. :p


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