To Win Our Heart

Winning a girl's  heart is 'susah-susah-gampang'. Don't be fooled by any mall/magazine/factory propagandistic approaches.

The salient things are:

  1. simplicity;

  2. surprise; and

  3. personalization.

We, girls, love to be loved, to be surprised and to be given gifts. We love diamonds, bags, shoes and cars but (luckily for u boys) we are easily touched by simple things. Imagine, a girl has flied for hours and his boyfriend appeared with a glass/carton of milk in his hand for her to drink... Are u with me if I say the boy has just won her heart? I was given a shandy beer by my BF on a very hot day when I was so busy of selling my second-hand stuffs to be sold on a garage sale. I saw him walked with a can of beer on his hand and I melted right there. Just right there.

The second salient thing is surprise element. I don't thing it's necessary to do an elaboration here. Just put a dash of surprise. Think of anything that would make her thinks "kok kepikiran sih?" and not to forget to pick the right timing.

The last thing (?) is personalization. Card or anything accompanying a small carton of milk or a can of beer is too much. Use ur imagination to personalize it.
Okay boyss.. go and grab ur girls' heart!!! And you... yes you.. you've grabbed hers, thanks to the shandy milk! oops I mean beer :p


astried&benget said...

tak satupun elemen itu dilakuin sm abang..kasian ya gwe? tp tp nit, he is the winner! :)


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