Week 17 (almost 18) and excited! That's me, Tumbe and our relatives.

  • Out of the blue, one of my high-school bestfriends emailed me some baby girls names to spark some ideas.
  • In relation to that, actually, we already have the baby name fixed on 26 February. 1 day after Pengajian 4 bulanan. Ehm.. Pretty excited, aren't we parents to be?
  • We joined this Hypnobirth Class by Evariny last weekend. JWCC Hypnobirth Class is USD400 and we obviously cannot afford that. We giggled a lot in the class (on the wrong timing i.e.: meditation or massaging sessions).
  • Tumbe shows his excitements by showing his willingness to gave me butt and foot massages in front of public! Thank to the Hypnobirth Class! Tahahahaah!!
  • Although we are not too excited when Uncle Ciksriciks gave us the numbers for the renovation project. Ouch!
  • But we are very excited to renovate our small house so that this baby can crawl in a bit more proper space :p
In conclusion, super excited!


pepe said...

minta diskon dong nit sama papahnya ciksriciks hihihi

Nita said...

udah minta diskon ke-tigaribu kali pe ke anaknya hahahaha.


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