Financial Planning

Now, I urgently need a planning.


  • it's 26 on the calendar;
  • the date that is circled is 31;
  • 5 days to go;
  • EZ-link card balance: 5.33;
  • two way transportation fare home-office, office-home per day: 2.66;
  • need to top up.. or use coins :(
  • will have seminar on the 30th, means free lunch. One is down;
  • 3 lunches to go!
  • money I have: 7.

Issue: You tell me!

Application: Tell me more!

Conclusion: Ngaaaahhhh..! Mati awaaakkk!!!


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

kasian amet km...yah nasib kita gak jauh2 beda lah sayang...hehehe. cmn makanan di rumah cukup kan ampe akhir bulan?


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