Morning Greeting

"Good Morning Father!"

One line sentence and two regrets in mind.

First, I was expected he would reply "Good morning my child, God bless you and your family" and touch my forehead or cheek or whatever and I bow.

Second, if only his crime was a bit more dramatic (like a child molester or a rapist) so that I can add some spices in my dear blog. I can simply write "OMG, I'm so scared to go out of my room... he's there.. the rapist!"

Father xxxx was freed from Changi Prison on Thursday and placed on home detention scheme.The 59-year-old priest will spend the remaining eight months of his jail term at his brother's home.

He will only be allowed to travel from his home to his workplace at law firm Cxxx Nx & Pxxxxx, where he starts work on Monday. He can stay outdoors only from 9 am to 6 pm to go to work under the home detention scheme.

xxxx was sentenced to 7 1/2 years jail in 2004 for misappropriating $5.1 million in church funds while serving as a parish priest at St Teresa's Church. He has served about four years and earned a one-third remission on the term for good behaviour.

Cxxxx Nx & Pxxxxx last week received clearance from the High Court to hire xxxx as a litigation-support executive. The court's approval was necessary because he will be joining the law firm as a former offender. In his new job, xxxx will not be allowed to handle clients' monies.

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astried&benget said...

nits, cpetan plg deh serem gwe

-marjie- said...

iih serammm....ini priest macam apa :(

Nita said...

hihihi tp dia baik kookkk seriuss.. kebapakan gitu bokk.. sama sering senyum... yah korup2 dikit gpp lah hehehhehe

-marjie- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-marjie- said...

baik itu belum tentu benar, dan tidak dapat diperbenarkan jg bukan :)

astried&benget said...

memy kok bijak skali



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