I knew it! Jordan and Joey are the stars. Back to the years when those new kids were the most gorgeus creatures on this planet, li'l nita candy-eyed Jon. Why? Of course becos he looked wise. and also (almost) the oldest member. and also he's Jordan's big bro. Who's urs?

I remember watching NKOTB vids at my cousin's house. We put one pillow each at our backs. Prepare for the scene when Jordan would open his shirts, screamed... and fainted at our pillows. Not being exaggerate, but we did it like 7 times a day.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

km lucu bgt sih kimci

astried&benget said...

aku suka jordaaaaann

-marjie- said...

aku suka jonathan!! :) hahahhaha.... sbagai tambahan gw cinta bgt sm tommy page.. terlihatkah benang merahnya? hahaha soooo gayyy hahahahaa

astried&benget said...

aku jg suka tommy page
dia kmana sih bok

Nita said...

emang gay ya? omigod.. hancur hatiku.. aku jg suka bgt tommy page.. lege painting in my miiinnddd (like a painting in my mind)


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