Lembur oh Lembur

I believe, nobody likes it. Especially when you won't get any overtime money.
But, trust me.. Go to the young lawyers' group.. and you will find them complaining plus showing off. Stay a little bit longer there, and they will talk about the complicated transactions and how they deal with that. Okay, hang on there.. please stay for another few minutes.. if you were drown to the very green one, they will talk about their rates. Talking a lil bit further about rates, I know this guy, a lawyer working in the most prestigious firm back in Jakarta. One day, this Lawyer went to the office using TransJakarta buss. His decision of taking mass transportation in J-Town made hm have to wait for an hour to get the bus. What happened next? He shouted angrily to the poor Mbak-Mbak. "Mbak ini bisnya lama banget sih??? WAKTU SAYA BERHARGA!! SAYA DIBAYAR PER-JAM!!" ---------------------------------- sigh, excuse him.
I dont like it. But, somehow people thinks its cool. Even if u talk to their family, the templates will be the same. Complaining plus showing off.

Don't get me wrong. I am young. I am the greenest. But I'm so not gonna complain and show off at the same time. I prefer to do them in inseparable manner :D

Let's draw some lines:

  1. you are so damn important that the firm asks u to extend your office hour;
  2. the thing u r doing is deadly urgent and also.. confidential. sst..sst..;
  3. u r tired as hell, but u love ur pay;
  4. which means it's huge;
  5. and everybody would now that when ur pay is good, there would be no OT money.

ha ha ha

Why does this happen?
One of my professors once gave us an advice during his lecture.. "Ladies.. don't do lawyering. Why? Because pregnancy would be harder for lawyers than other profession. Why? Of course... because you work until very late.. and you will be supplied good coffee beans blended in a good coffee machine.

Take a look at the below conversation between a boss and his/her new lawyer.
B: How are u?
E: Great, I went home at 11 pm
B: Ah.. that's early! sometimes balbalablabla

Or this:
Job Interview
Prospective Boss: Are u willing to work late?
Prospective Lawyer: Of course Sir.
PB: Good.. because here, you might stay at the office like for.. hmm.. two days.. (laughed with pride)

No wonder!

*)based on my observation and of course.. generalization. Peace yo!


astried&benget said...

hahaha... bok, buat gwe lebih dr jam 6 udh lembur deh itu... :))

kayanya kalo gwe interview2 lagi buat di law firm harus pasang muka not so reluctant deh buat lembur.. hihi

gmn caranya pus? ada templatenya jg dongs


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