The Girls and the Media

This is the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko.

A possible candidate for the President of Ukraine in 2010

One of the 3 most powerful women on earth according to Forbes Magazine.


I planned to do some comparisons with this Indonesian female leader. Mien Sugandhi. Why? because both have their signature hair do. But Uncle Google does not have her picture. Ah too bad!

Yulia used to put her hair loose. But prior to year 2002, brilliantly, she put Ukraine's traditional braids as her signature style. Strategic move for a female PM candidate. Her opposant told the media that the braid was all fake. On the next day, she held a press conference and when the question was raised, she just laughed and casually losen her hair and put of the bobby pins. On that moment, she's the winner.

Mien Sugandhi was Menteri Urusan Peranan Wanita some years ago. She also has her signature style. Eye make up melok melok and a hella big hair. Nothing too dramatic in this story. I happened to see her house, and she has her own salon next to her carport.

Megawati Sukarnoputri is of course uncomparable to Yulia.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati is comparable as she has the elegance yet smart aura. But frankly speaking, Yulia is still the winner

Or Miranda Gultom? Nah.. she put way too much effort.

In the end, I came with the conclusion that presumably, Indonesian medias are more interested on capturing Sarah Azhari when she returned from the Holy Land than the more powerful figures.


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