Christmas Aura

Will go back on 19-25 december. I love christmas and I want to celebrate it with people I love. Well, ok, I love Idul Adha too. What the hell! I love going back to Jakarta!!! :D

This is an office hour, I have 3 assignments due this evening and all i can do is staring blankly to the documents, move my eyes to the PC, put my hands on the keyboard... and make this post.

Hmm... Im looking forward this weekend to go a little bit shopping. Well, to assure you, the things that I will buy are not for me. You see, it's December, where I don't know why so many people born in this month. Oh ya, my BF's birthday is coming :D so sad that I cant be with him.. but I guess it's gonna be okay since he will spend some more quality time with his family.

Things that I need to buy are:
1. Titipan from a friend, Nash, 1 CK electric perfume at Lucky Plaza with the price of $55;
2. Another titipan from the above mentioned name, 2 watches which cost $5 each;
3. Titipan 'liat-liat' Charles n Keith from Mbak Dien, only buy it when the price is under $40 (thats the instruction);
4. Cadeu for my Chichita... hmmm I think I will buy her a little sun-dress and sunglasses;
5. Cadeu for my brother-in-law... maybe something military;
6. Another cadeu for my BF. xxx will be fine :D;
7. OST of Woman on Top for a dear friend, Ayus;
8. A very cheap discounted polo-shirt for my dad.

I like shopping for other people, and it's christmas :D where the sale on Orchard Road will give you a very good deal :D

Okay, its time to fill up my locus (timesheet) and go.
Wondering how many units I've spent posting this stuff :P


astried&benget said...

aku juga mau nitiipp..hehehe


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