the drama of the un-matching feet and shoes

so im accepted at this law firm as an intern..
thanks to the God almighty that Dinda is also accepted.

on the first day, i just dont know what happened to my feet, i suppose they forgot how to match themselves with their shoes. U see, for the past 5 months all I use was only this lovely black flip-flops. When I tried to match my feet with my ordinarily used working shoes, they just dont match. So, my first day turned out to be I have to 'jinjit' and walk very careful otherwise my ankle will be 'keseleo' (its a 9 cm heels shoes).

As a new comer, as expected, Dinda wore her trendy outfit. Black satin shirt, very-well-educated green vest, a-line skirt, high heels shoes and... black stockings. The black stockings rescued her from the un-matching problem between her shoes and her feet.

But on the next day, haha..
its her turn to 'jalan jinjit' coz she forgot to wear her stockings..

So, there were we,, walking from the office to MRT station in 'jalan jinjit' style. Dinda even wore shocking pink sweater (on tuesday) that had succesfully made us really reallyyy legally blondes.. by giggling on the street with 'jalan jinjit' style ahhaha...

Uh... its a dejavu.. do you remember our suede shoes story in the middle of a hard rain back in Jakarta Din? hahahah..



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