Daily Report 26-12-07

Dear Mr. Ng,

It was a nice 5 getaway days.

I spent those days by:

  1. consuming Nasi Goreng Bhakti right after Bandara Soekarno-Hatta. The Nasi Goreng was not as delicious as it was. But, the Black Toyota Crown with 80% 'kaca film', one teh botol and one hot BF were good companions;
  2. Sholat Ied? mm.. I was not able to manage it;
  3. bathing my baby maicha, since her mom need to take a total bed-rest and I will have another baby... soon!
  4. attending my Boss's Son wedding. It was held at the Dharmawangsa, and the family decided not to receive 'angpao';
  5. having 'masuk angin' as a result of the hairspray on my hair (such a kampung head);
  6. sleeping one whole day and making sure my BF that I was in a jet lag condition;
  7. chatting with my LGS friends at Senayan City and Anomali;
  8. having the opportunity of meeting Tami's friend, Puncak, ihateyou;
  9. watching original DVD at 'the subtitles' Dharmawangsa Square;
  10. meeting my best friend, Ayus;
  11. consuming Indonesian food at Bumbu Desa and Soto Asli Pak Sadi;
  12. playing with Kabir;
  13. ordering Martabak Telor Kampung and Martabak Manis to be delivered to mijn moeder;
  14. having a quick lunch at warung pasta;
  15. celebrating Tami's pre-birthday party;
I am very sorry about the grammatical error. I dont want to revise it and I dont want to attach any PDF file with this. Should you need any assistance please do not email me or call me or come to this KRC. I am tired. As you probably have known, I took the last flight last night and consequently, I got home at 2.00 a.m and I need to get up at 6.00 a.m to do my laundry since I ran out underwear. Thank you for your understanding.



wiratama said...

Dear Mr. Ng,

I hereby would like to propose a raise of 100% of Puspita's salary.

From my observation,Puspita has been a very diligent worker, very punctual (ie. teleconference meeting), a woman of integrity (ie. ignoring the temptation to steal your custom bottled water), and also a very hard worker, which can be seen by the works of her blog right here.

I have nothing but high praises for Puspita, and i would strongly recommend for this raise to be awarded to her.

Thank you for your attention. Looking forward meeting you in March.


Puspita's BF


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