Hari ini lembur sampe jam 1/2 10 malem. Dikasih coklat sama Liviu. It was a Merci. Suddenly there was a flashback in the middle of my preparation for tomorrow's meeting. Gosh, I remember this chocolate!

A few years ago, I was so in love with this guy. He is my first love and love at first sight. He was my senior back in High School. I had fallen in love at the first day I stepped my foot to that school. But, back then I looked like a little cockroach lady that no one would even care to take a look at me. He did not recognize my existence.

Time flew as fast as it is now.

The junior became senior, the senior became alumni.

The little cockroach lady turned to be not-so-cockroachy. I managed to have a boyfriend (a hot one at that time :D). This ex-BF and the guy I love (or crush) were/are bestfriend. And, this ex-BF introduced me to that guy.

Shit happened, I broke up with the ex-BF.

I was not so unhappy. My crush started to call me intensively. So there were we, two love birds, did simple things that turned to be special.

Everyday, I brought him 1 stick of chocolate. It was a Merci. He really liked it and we started to called the chocolate "coklat sejati". I, who don't like chocolate turned to be a chocoholic. I really loved Merci.

But today, after years, I tried the Merci stick again. It is not as good as it was before :( I don't know why. Oh well, I guess it was just a reminder to my beautiful moment back then.

Thank you Liviu for bringing back my 'kisah kasih di sekolah' and for reminding me once again that I don't like chocolate.
*the current BF asked me to cut some part of this posting.. huhu


astried&benget said...

pus, mengapa otakku agak mampet utk menebak siapakah dia (/mereka??)

ps: gwe juga ga suka coklat :p

Nita said...

hotdog cintaaa... nana na na na na na na cintaaa...
(ala lagu dewa laskar cinta)
iyah kita kan gadis2 karbo!!

astried&benget said...

wahahahaha...okay okay, abis si tukang hotdog yg artist wannabe itu trus satunya siapa lagi?

oh tidak...tanda2 penuaan diniiiii!!

Nita said...

ah cidooooo... mmm.. ituloh ciiit negara di timur tengahhh... tempat orang2 haji.. hihihihihihhi

Neng MarJie said...

sapa sih nita yg satu lagi?? aku tau satunya..satunya lagi??

Neng MarJie said...

uhhh uhhh nvm huahahahah i know i know hahahahaha :) nita senang sm yg bsuara merdu nih hahahaha :D


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