Scent of this woman

I never like perfume.

My one and only perfume is the one from SJP. I regret to buy it because the smell is too strong. I dont like strong scent.

So, I tried their body lotion (you know the lotion produced together with the perfume). I suppose it would be softer. And I tried Carolina Herrera. Big mistake. The smell stays the whole day and not so soft.

That is why I then decided to go plain. I put nothing. My bestfriend once said "cewe nih kayak gini? harusnya kalo cewe masuk mobil tuh mobilnya jadi wangi" hehehe. I dont care. I love to go plain. Only cheap soap and body lotion.

How about party time? Well, party or no party I will just go plain.

Now, I change my body lotion to Coconut Body Butter from the Bodyshop. It was discounted 15% so it is a good deal. I love the scent of this body butter. A little bit like my childhood 'obat batuk' and a bit vanilla. I just love it. Cant wait to go to show this scent off to my boyfriend.
*Guys, please do me a favour. Please please please dont splash or spray ur perfume more than 4 times and never do that after ur activities.
Oh, and everyone has their own job desc. Perfume's job is for adding fragrance and deodorant to get rid of ur body odor (that's why it is called de-odor-ant) just dont mix it. Do not get rid of your natural body odor with perfume. Let the deodorant do its job. Okay? :)


wiratama said...

I miss ur natural scent..:)

Nita said...

and I miss ur biceps too :p

Wikawiks said...

haloo.. :) aku juga baca2 blogmu gara2 comment kamu di mylittleangel.. hehe..

Btw, kalo kata Yani.. hm, bau favorit kalian itu body lotion wangi pepaya??? ihihihi...

see you soon di Jakarta yaa..

Nita said...

huaeheuhau iyah mbak wika.... nantikan aku ya di perhelatanmu itu. hihihi


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