It's easy to be an everyday...

if u ask me what is my favorite tv show when i was a little girl, the outcome won't be those sandrios, walt disneys or japanese cartoons.. its gonna be a cooking show that until now, i just cant remember.

whatever the name is.. the host will stared deeply to the camera and said "it's eaaasssyyy to bee an everyydaaay.." assured us that cooking is or will be easy...

so I started a few weeks ago.
me and my mom decided to leave MSG out of our healthy daily meal. the very first times, it was bad. My mom (who used to cook a very nice soup) , failed to make those veggies and beef delicious. even the sambal went bad.. but, we are adjusting.. and surviving.

for those of you who cannot cook and try to leave MSG out, try my recipee here. It's a fried chicken.. a very simple one.

all you need are simply:
1. chicken;
2. garlic; and
3. soya sauce

what u need to do are simply:
1. marinate the chicken with the soya sauce;
2. fry the garlic until it smells delicious and the color turns to be goldish;
3. put the marinated chicken;
4. add some water;
5. wait until the pan become a bit dry; and
6. voila!

it's eeeeaaaasssyyy to beee annn eeeveeryydaaayyy*.... :)

*one of the recipees in this show was how a housewife put sliced fruits to ice cube maker for her kid's healthy snack ahahah



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