You Don't Have the Reason and I Don't Have the Time

Im sorry if u r in Indonesia and cannot access this youtube video.*

It's a Maroon5 and mind the sexiness of Adam Levine, I just hope that u get the message!

Here is a part of the lyrics that might be interesting, of course with several amendments.. :)

"U still don't have the reason
And I don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you"

*) Hello Pak Nuh.. (Menkominfo) How are u? Is 'Fitna'okay?


Miss de Saire said...

ternyata sodara2 gw yg londo2 itupun mengutuk Geert Wilders...Alhamdulillah, hahaha
Now pak Nuh, gimme back my youtube!

astried&benget said...

yay!! youtube is backkkkk

Nita said...

sriuss? youtube is back?? kok hebring?

Neng MarJie said...

eh ada apa sih sm utube? knp2?? aku amat sgt tertinggal :(

Nita said...

jie... terjadi hal2 banyak sepeninggalanmu berlibur


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