Shopping Bag

Being a good girl, I took shower earlier, washed my hair, had breakfast, took a sip of caffeine, drank some soup and started to study.

Bored of studying, I browsed some sites. And found this site, where it shows those events of the so-called-fashionista with pictures on it. One of them was held in a mall. I do enjoy looking at those pics until I realized something.

Is it a trend or what?

Attending a fashion event and toting a.... SHOPPING BAG! Of course, with the luxurious brand screaming. I mean.. technically speaking, is it a practical way to shop before attending the event? Is it practical to stand, sip some glasses of complimentary wine (on the right hand), tote your bag (on the left hand).. and tote this SHOPPING BAG(on the the same hand)? Or.. perhaps she was just too busy and did not have the time to shop in that luxurious boutique. Yes that must be the reason! (But somehow, I never found someone proudly toting shopping bags from carrefour, giant, hero or even metro and sogo)

Otherwise, welcome to the mediocrity! She just want to show up to her peers that she just bought a 5-times-of- one-sallary bag. Congratulations!

Paper Word Status: I 3991 and II 2558 :(



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