Lesson of the Day

So here I am, at the last class of this school zone.

There is something interesting today with my professor, a lady with her 'it' bags to tote, partner of a big local law firm here, rajah and tan. Sat on the table, in front of the class and loudly said: "Mr. blablabalbal, minister of trade in India, which is known as the sexiest man on earth balbalablabla..". Afterwards, she blithely showed us that sexiest man on earth's picture. There, the whole class could see this bald, fat Indian guy grinned.

Hahaha... I got my lesson, in every tough woman lies a little girl inside.

Mmmmm.. excuse me Professor, according to me, the sexiest man on earth is this bald, tanned, tattoed eye brow Indonesian guy. I wish I could link his profile here and not loosing my job!

Paper Word Status: I: 3991 trully a procrastinator and II: 1085.


astried&benget said...

kalo aku malah lbh kampung, ga bs inetan di kantoorrr.. huhuhu

Nita said...

yah cido
kamu kok kurang menyambung? hihihi

Dida said...

nita.. biasanya selera kita soal cowo sama... kali ini tidak.. aku ndak napsu sama si bald tanned tatooed eyebrow.. aku napsu sama the killer lecturer you had a crush on..


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