Thank God I Did Not Find You

Just read one of the entry of my bestfriend on her 7th anniversary with her BF. She embedded this song, Thank God I Found You, by Mariah Carey and the boyband.

I remember when I was still in High School, I texted my ex BF* (sorry this is gonna be mega corny) "thank god i found u, i was lost without u". Ting tung ting tung.. hellooo.. S T U P I D with bold font and capital character!

No offense to my bestfriend, they have been together for 7 years, in a Long Distance mode. So, there's nothing corny about that, they might have found each other.

But for me.... high school, braces, lost and found?
Oh, once again S T U P I D with red color, bold font and capital character!

*) Cowo yg cukup trendi pada jamannya.. kerapkali menggunakan celana merah, celana batik atau kadang2 rok dan berkepang dua... omigod!


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

silly little kepi :)

astried&benget said...

wekekekekke... gilak bgt tuh org, kalo tau dia bgitu gwe beneran jepit di pintu mbl deh puss..

Dida said...

In sama mantan kamu yang penyanyi itu yah nit?? heuheuheuheu

Nita said...

iyah dida haahahha


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