not an ambitious me

One is down! five thousand something words and im not an ambitious who wants to hit the upper limit seven thousand and five hundred! another is yet to down. three thousand and nine hundred ninty-one words. blah! me so sick of counting the words, me prefer to counting the days.

what to do today? i have no idea. me so bored. i think im gonna go to malaysia for a while, or just go to haji lane to hunt some vintage dresses?

the bad thing of being a student is to have student budget. yes. i think im gonna hit haji lane.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

Sayang...aku kangen bgt nih ama km..3 hari aku gak ketemu sama ngobrol ama km..angkat dong telfon km..ayus jg nyari2in km tuh..dia telfon2 jg gak bs..kangen bgt aku sumpah..

Nita said...

wow.. personal!


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