Pagi Tempe Sore Dele

Dear Third Floorers,

A Special Request

As tomorrow Friday, 29 August will be the last day of our current Punctuality Policy Incentive Programme, I would like to request all who are working on the same floor as myself (3rd floor) to make a special effort to come in on time tomorrow, i.e. by 9 am.

On several occasions, we had missed 100% punctuality by a cat’s whisker. So very near and yet so far! For those who have been trying their best and managed to arrive on time I know that there is quite a bit of disappointment.

I hope to see that we can at least achieve punctuality as an operating unit for one day. So here is what I am proposing.. If indeed we can achieve 100% punctuality tomorrow, not only will there be a free breakfast on Monday, I will treat the entire floor to lunch at Jumbo! At a time convenient for all.

How’s that? I look forward to buying the lunch. I need not turn up if the lunch will be more enjoyable for you.

Can be done?

Kind regards, Michelle on behalf of Mr Ng
Gimana nggak makin pagi tempe sore dele*? Punya bos kebapak-an dan lucu begini?

Ah, I better get some beauty sleep now.. for the sake of the best chilli crab in Singapore!

*)A Javanese proverb that describes people who change their minds easily and sometimes too often.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

kimci kecil ---> guilty as charge mr. ng. Please forgive her. she is only a little kimchi. :)


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