KPK is Sizzling HOT!

Not only that it does it tasks in a very dramatic manner (which u know i love) but also it appears that my favorit agency (officials) do have strong right brain!

KPK is planning something really creative! Their idea is to put on special clothes for special people! Corruption clothes for the Corruptors! How awesome is that?

I am wondering bout the design and of course.. the wording. I'd prefer "maaf, saya makan uang anda" or just plainly "tersangka koruptor" hmmm...

That's my friend... is a realistic way to bombard corruption. We dont need wrinkly-white-hair guy* talking shits about corruption. All we need is action. And this idea is certainly a strategic one. Simple idea with effective 'efek jera'.

I have to admit that I admire the elegance of Ayin during her trials. Let's see if the elegance comes from her clothes or really her aura. I mean... come on people, we judge the book by its cover.

*) inspired by Paris Hilton v McCain



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