The Drama of My Acne Medication

First of all, I would like to say my gratitudes to the all related parties and my Tante Tien for her advice.

So here is the chronology:
Thursday night, I ate 7 durians.
Saturday morning, I cut my hair short and it may became one of the factors of my breakouts due its existence on my cheeks constantly.
Saturday noon, I went to the bank and realized that my cheek hurts. Ah.. just the ussual acne I am on my period anyway. At home, I discovered 3 of them starring back aggressively from the mirror.
Saturday Night, I went to Siloso Beach and partied. I had wines.
When I got home, there are 9 of acnes on my right cheek.
Sunday morning, I woke up with 15 acnes on my right cheek and another prospective 8 acnes on my left. Shoot!
I rushedly went to the market and bought some Chinese herbs and made chicken soup with lotsa carrots and tomatoes.
Sunday evening, I had deadline at 8 and 11 p.m. I called my sister and my mother. I cannot helped it when it comes to my mother. I cried. "Mamaaahh.. jerawat aku ada banyak bangetttt… kayak jerawat2 di tivi2 itu loh maaah yang kalo digosok gosok telur nanti trs sama dukunnya dipecahin ada keluar kalajengking ama penitinyaaaa.. huhuhu." And then, I called my dermatologist in Indonesia. "Dokter.. blbalbalabal" I cried. The doctor replied "ah kamu abis dicium kali nihh? Bilang doong.. kalo nyium jangan nyeruduk gitu mainnya" hihihih. He gave me the prescription and I asked my 9 month pregnant sister to buy them from the clinic. As always, the prego lady was very casually helpful.

During my unfinished deadlines, I buzzed my friend on Yahoo Messenger. "penting nih.. mau bantuin ga?" "mau. Kenapa?" balbalbaabla.. "ok, besok jam 10 aku beli obatnya terus aku kirim pake fedex" P E R F E C T!

Then my friend smsed me. She said that she was in Jakarta and planning to go back tomorrow 11.a.m. Well, kenapa ngga titip aja?

On the next day, mission accomplished. Involving 1 prego lady, 1 ticketed journalist, and 1 fainted lady in Melawai.


So, my journalist friend who bought the medication got ticketed, my friend who will bring the medication to Singapore fainted on Melawai market and the prego lady made 5 international calls, called 2 strangers and acted as the master of the game.

Ah, what a drama.



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