Epilator - Review

After a year of contemplation, I finally bought epilator last Saturday. Philips Satinelle Soft HP 6408.
Price: 54 Sgd
From: Mustafa ahe aheeee!
Color: Strawberry Pink
Okay, let's get it done!
As I reached home, I rushed into Dinda's room and reported to her that I just bought one of the world's greatest inventions. I opened the box and turned it on. Suddenly, me and Dinda stop laughing. OMAIGOD!!! The voice was so intimidating.
As a brave girl I am, I turned the speed into fast (which means super fast) and started to epilate my leg. Wihuuuu.. I can promise you dear... it feels more or less like shaving.. Forget that exaggerating review about the pain. It felt comfortable I must admit. Yes it caused red dots and chicken skin appearance for a while. But it only last for an hour or less.
As a second base, I tried to epilate my underarm. Well, this one was so-so. The massaging pink balls don't seem to work for my skin. I stretched the skin as strech as possible. FYI, I used to wax when I was in Jakarta. I think I am used to the idea of pain, pluck and roots. So, no biggie.
Then, I moved on to the third base. Bikini. I couldn't finish it. I think both me and my skin need more practice on this.
Darlings, welcome to the time when the price of beauty is pain. I am definitely so going to buy epilator again when this one is retired. The upgraded one will do :)
Frankly, I love my strawbery pink epilator so much that I spent the whole weekend in my room and (try to) epilate everything. Seeing those stupid hairs fall down from its root satisfies me.
Note: Kenapa sih orang Indonesia jarang yg review epilator? Para bule kan suka berlebihan kl review.. yg sakit bgtlah yg apalah... Kalo orang kite kan lebih tahan banting boookkk :D


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

jadikm skrg namanya epil kecil?
apa epi kecil?

astried&benget said...

buy it for meee.. :D
eh nanti dah gwe cari dulu disini ada kaga :P
ga mahal juga itu yaa

Kabir said...


Dida said...

Nitaa... The thing about bikini epilating.. That's too much info.. Khan kebayang bok ama eyke.. Hahahah

Anonymous said...

Beli Epilator sama Waxing stuff di Jakarta di mana ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sist aku tadinya waking atau cabut bulu kaki pakai pinset tp kudu telaten...kalau laser mahal jadi aku cb pakai epilator...aku awalnya ragu mau beli apa engga..pas dcoba puas kok jd kecabut beneran bukan motong kaya pencukur...aku idh buktiin..karena udah berhasil, aku mau bantu kalian aku tau rasanya kaki buluan ituuuu sesuatuuu bgt..cape nyabutin blm lagi cape uang.. kalau mau epilator aku punya tipe philips 6420.harganya 550.000...infonya add IG aku aja la_belle_boutiqueshop atau pin BB 52265031 buat tanya tanya kalau mau sharing hasilnya.


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