Ring Ring

My first cell phone was a turquoise blue t10s ericsson . yesss.. the IT phone at that time (circa 1998). I succeeded to loose this phone by a heroic scene of mine at HSK. It was raining and the committee should gather into circle to pray to the God to stop the rain. I did. And practically left my t10s at one of those random tables. The rain stopped, the t10s gone.

Subsequently, I managed to buy another turquouise blue ericson t10s. Black market. Rp. 1.250.000. with blood and tears (and of course the guilty feeling of lying to my mother). The flip broke down but what the heck, I kept using my t10s. In fact, the incident brought me benefits (in relation to gebet menggebet). One of them bet that there is an original flip and I said no no its not original.. and Hanamasa treat on him! Many of them brought the topic "what happen to ur flip" as ice breakers.

One fine morning, I was woken up by a strange voice. It was a phone ringing so bloody loud. Who's phone is that? MINE!!! My father surprised me by inserting my sim card to this cool ericson shark! I was quite a tomboy by then so shark was the coolest! Somehow, I lost it again on Plaza Senayan fitting room. This time, I confessed.

Then I was given an indigo blue nokia 3115. I love the sejuta umat phone. I am madly in love with it.. it has moving features in it! (ha ha) I made pictures and pictures… of course with the green-black screen. I cannot recall what happened, but I switch to the older version, which is dark blue nokia 3110. I promise u. This is the best cell phone ever! It has a very comfortable tuts, so user friendly and really is a shock resistant. I used this from my college year until my working year. When everybody has color screen, mp3, camera, blue tooth, mine is still the most classic yet beautiful one.

My friends started to complained. Why don't u change ur phone.. ablbalba it's malu-maluin balbalabla.. what the heck.

Until one day, one of my complaining friends cursed "Jelek banget sih henfon lo? Najis." A few days later, he bought me a new one. Coincidentally, a woman version of my Boyfriend's Motorolla v3. Yesss……

At the same month, Bank Niaga sent me a phone that is so not user friendly. I cannot access last dialed number, I cannot insert address book to sms, I cannot forward number, I cannot save sms. Crap! But it's free :)

So, I gave the shocking pink Motorola v3 to my mother and I started to use this ugly phone. But even this ugly phone had a role as an ice-breaker when this American boy stared at her and said "wow.. ur phone is so cool! What's that?" I starred back blankly. "Sony Ericsson, free from my bank" blablabal ended up he asked me to go for a vacation to Australia…

Haahh… masa muda oh masa muda yang bergelora… Gonna miss those moments


astried&benget said...

u left ur 1st one on the trash can



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