His Writings

It's 5:57 p.m and I realized something.

Such a good writer my Boyfriend is. Read this one.. or the one with more drama. Am I just being subjective? I don't know. But I like his writing and would like to read some more. But baby, next time, please do that in English.. your Indonesian posting is more like ABG writing hihihihi :D

I smiled a little bit wide reading this one. Yes, we are here on our wedding preparation. We beat the LDR!


.Dinda. said...

nope, tulisan wiratama emang jempolan! hehe aku syuka..suruh nulis lagi dong nit..Tam (just in case tami baca hehe..)

Marjie said...

he is so so much in love with you :)

Ninit said...

Cool blog. where did u learn writing, mate?:)


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