Will Marry for Food, Sex and Laundry

Forget romance. Forget true love. Forget soulmates.
Food: "a guy's a sucker for his Mom's cooking. Even if she isn't a great cook, she makes at least one dish he loves. Get the recipe to that dish and he'll think you're a gourmet chef"

Sex: "the smaller the underwear, the higher the price."

Laundry: I don't read the laundry part. Not too interesting.

Jutek emet neng!
Oh.. oh.. ohhh.. sedikit sentilan untuk para pasangan baru.. Hahahah... you got it right Simon!
  1. do u dress him in the morning?
  2. do u wipe his chin when he spills his food?
  3. do u send him off to work with a packed lunch under his arm?
  4. do u shower him with multivitamin on breakfast? (tambahan dari penulis)

If ur answer is yes, congratulations!!! U've become his SURROGATE MOTHER!



Dinda said...

huahuahua..mari kita saling berjanji dont become the last part :))

Nita said...


MissRinchungBecomeMrsYincung said...

kalo jawabannya NO semua,jadi apa?


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