My Weekend with Turquoise Fur on top!

Holla People?

How was your weekend?

My weekend was started by Rapat Keluarga with Tumbe's family. As always, the Father says yada yada yada for hours (!). On the contrary, Tumbe's dad was a very calm yet modern. Take this for example, while my Yada Daddy was doing the yada session, Tumbe's dad looked uncomfortable and Tumbe sms-ed me "Boleh nggak Cik kita pulang duluan? Bokap aku ada acara nih". Hihihihi. Acaranya apa coba? Ngeband ajah! Wuhuu... My soon to be father in law rooocckkkss!!!!

The next day started with a breakfast with my boy friend. How I love my me time! Then me and my boy friend went to DF's akad which was elegantly beautifull! Perfect!

Gedung Arsip is very very beautifull. OMG!

How about the reception dinner? One of the best weddings I've ever attended*. Have something to noted down, you need no alcohol to lighten up the vibe. Master of ceremony is aylot cheaper than alcohol :D

*) i don't have the right to spread the story here. All I can say is gorgeoussssss...! Dinda is not a designer, but, yes.. she's a lawyer and obviously has high sense of style!


De-eF said...

Puspiti, thank you for coming and speak highly about our wedding hehe..
But lookin at the pic, obviously it's u guys who have high sense on style ;)

And indeed, mc is a lot cheaper, especially if u get it for free hahaha..

Thanks again for everything..

Tinggal giliran mu nih..
Kami siap membantu!

-dinda & okky dr honeymoon di Sency-


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