Solo Trip

How was Solo?

It was great! Especially when the BF came. Looking clueless at the main lobby with his turquoise polo shirt and that Shirley Temple handbag! :D

How was the PDA plan on Becak?

Well, the Becak ride was succesfull. It's just that we couldn't do the PDA stuff. The Becak was too small for us. Somebody is getting bigger ass!! Look at the photo Tumbe captured, it has us on the Becak!! :D

How was the Cullinary Tour?

Speechless with Nasi Liwet Keprabon

Marvellous! We ate 7 times a day (and none the weight gain for me)

Kue lekker? Checked. Nasi liwet? Checked. Gudeg Ceker jam 2 malem? Checked. Tengkleng? Checked. Sate Buntel? Checked. Wedang Ronde? Checked. Bebek Goreng H. Slamet yang asli dan pertemuan dengan sang Haji Slamet? Checked.. Checked.. Checkeeeed!!

How was the Batik?

I coudn't say more. My Bridezilla has turned into Batikzilla. Tumbe bought everything on the shops! From the well known brands like Danar hadi and Batik Keris to Putra Lawean. Wow!

The Batikzilla

Tumbe was looking at Lawean Map

How was the Pramex to Jogja?

Hot, full and hot. Tumbe looks very orang kota with his red "Ini Kandang Kita!" Nike t-shirt, diesel jeans and sneakers, plus the Exx*nmobil Shirley Temple handbag. Holla to the City Boy!

How was the Mother?

Smiled from ear to ear :D


shintashootingstars said...

pasti loe nginep di Ibis Solo deh nit! Gw juga sempet menggila di sana :)

Nita said...

Yoi shin!I like kl kata facebook hahaha.

semuasayanganna said...

wahh.. kangen ibis solo! lebih murah dari novotel yang disebelahnya, tapi kamarnya lebih kerenn..

semuasayanganna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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