Very Important People

I have ticket confirmations from:

  1. My sister and fam for 22 Nov 2009 from Sydney
  2. Two of my friends from Singapore for 27 Nov-30 Nov 2009

And, an oral confirmation from my sexy internist last night for 29 Nov 2009!

I don't have any VIP guest. Really.

Am sure to put them on my VIP table.

P.S.: Oh, I am still waiting for another confirmation from Amsterdam. Hope she can make it!


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

Aku gak ada vip jg. Cmn buat kt semua tamu vip. Iya gak cik? :-D

Tessy Lenggogeni said...

kok tiket buat mak gue gak ada ya?? hmm..brarti kita gak jadi datang nih..ta..

Nita said...

mana konfirmasi tiketnya? hihihihi


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