• I need a good bubur
  • And a good martabak
  • Pecenongan?
  • Daughter's on her way picking me up from the office
  • Husband is enjoying his last day of leave
  • Hongkong might be cancelled or rescheduled
  • Mother's gonna be 69 this Saturday
  • I've ordered an Ombre
  • And ready to make a reservation for a family lunch
  • Seriously people, we need to make it regularly. Serious.
  • My office friends will go to Bangkok this Thursday
  • Girls trip
  • I'm green with envy
  • It's 5:25 pm
  • Still have lotsa papers on my desk
  • And a dirty breastpump
  • Won't express milk
  • Cause the consumer is about to come
  • Checking my Drinking Water apps
  • Shit! I only took 2 cups of water today
  • Better luck tomorrow
  • Tumbe is calling, brb
  • He's almost here
  • I want a good bubur
  • With chilli padi, ginger and soysauce
  • I don't think I want the martabak
  • I might just take a bite of it
  • My milk supply is decreasing, only 80ml from both suppliers
  • Ah, he's here already
  • But it's only 5:31
  • Still have 29 minutes of office hour
  • I might just take a look at the daughter and play with her for a few minutes
  • Adios!


Honeylizious Rohani Syawaliah said...

random banget :)


ita said...

mba nit, ini juga #random komen..

tadi aku kirim email order ke bayibayiku.. :)
trimskiii.. :)

Nita said...

@ita: iya nanti dibalas admin yaaa... asikkk jadi pelanggannnn

Nita said...



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