Unity in Diversity

People says Singapore is a multi culture country. It is.
Irresistably, talking about multi culture often followed by comparison.
Speaking a bit of comparative here, the following is an amateur observation of a law graduate student to her peers and before being judged as judgmental, she prefers to describe herself first.

One, is me. Im so plain. Im the plainest. I wear white/grey polo with cargo pants, flip flops, coach, tomy hilfiger (sorry for the low wages for the worker..) or nine west bag and no accesories.
Second, is my friend. She's so stylish. Sundress/tank top with cardigans/trendy t-shirt/trendy shirt with hot pants, trendy jeans, cute skirts, ipod on ears, earings, necklace, pretty flat sandals, and hot shocking baby pink nail polish (today). Haha it's you you naughty silent reader!!!

Since this is Singapore, you can see many of them with their own style. But mostly it will be tank top with skirt with boots (?) or some dresses with high heels, oversized shirt with baggy jeans or something black with tartan. Kalo yang ini ga boleh pake bahasa inggris, nanti ngerti yang baca.. biasanya walaupun pake baju yang sleeveless... keteknya heboh dah :( rimbuuunn....

The sexiest students I would say. Minimal sundresses, tank top, hot pants, cute flat sandals. Gorgeous!

Highlited hair with japanese style. Cool bags.

T-shirt/shirt and jeans or skirts with ethnic sandals or shoes or running shoes plus backpack.

Tank top, ethnic skirts, flip flops, hair bun, sunglasses put on their head, some tattoes, silver accesories.

Long sleeves shirt/polo-shirt/t-shirt, jeans, mini skirts, cute shoes, branded bags.

The above are obviously the girls' style. While for the boys, well American boys usually wear flip-flops, short and t-shirt while Chinese boys wear brown short sleeve shirt with khaki pants. But, there are some exceptions for example:

  • I dont know where he comes from, but he seems to choose short, shirt and suit (?) with brown shoes and brown bag for his style.
  • I dont know where he comes from, I saw him this morning. He really looks like a real law student. I mean light brown polo-shirt (most likely used by bapa bapa), ploy lighter brown pants (idem), brown pantoffel shoes and small brown belts.

That's about a little bit of comparative. Don't take this too serious, a bit of comparison is always good :D


naughty silent reader said...

uhmm...pusnita, i think u forgot to mention about my huge backpack..well,,i think that's the most important element of my "fashionable style" kekeke...
please deh aw...kita kan gank cupu indo hehehehe

*pernyataan yang membuat si silent reader keluar dari persembunyiannya*


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